Happy Sterling Is Gone 4 Year Anniversary!

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Happy Sterling Is Gone 4 Year Anniversary!

May 29 marks the four year anniversary since Ballmer successfully purchased the Los Angeles Clippers away from the Sterling family.

I remember thinking at the time it couldn't happen. That somehow Sterling would hold on to the team. That a sale could not be forced and Sterling was known for never selling anything. 

No matter how you feel about Ballmer's leadership as team owner in that time, I think everyone admits he's far superior to Sterling. And he's a true fan of this team, attending most games, cheering the team on like an enthusiastic fan, and footing the bill for pretty much anything the team needs.

Here's to Steve Ballmer. Thanks for saving us from Sterling. You rock!

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So slad Sterling is gone but I hate with a passion the "Clippers to Seattle" bullsh*t that I always have to hear since Ballmer bought the team. I'm sort of used to the new logo but its not that great on team gear to wear. And I won't even start on the Doc Rivers extension.