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Gallo's broken hand is not healing
gilp5 » 05/10/18 » 12:53pm
22 Mistwell
05/21/18 » 11:55am
KAT might become available via trade
V-Ice » 05/19/18 » 9:49am
05/21/18 » 11:22am
Pick two for starting G next season
ClipperSisyphus » 05/10/18 » 8:46am
19 trapp76
05/21/18 » 11:16am
OT: One year contracts
ClipperSisyphus » 05/21/18 » 10:42am
05/21/18 » 10:42am
I want cp3 to win but
japkilla » 05/20/18 » 9:13pm
05/20/18 » 9:13pm

LATimes Clipper News
Rockets even series against Warriors, turning up intensity all over the court

On the final day of March in 2015, Golden State guard Stephen Curry dribbled down the baseline at Staples Center, crossing over behind his legs three times, embarrassing the Clippers’ point guard, sending him sprawling helplessly to the floor.

But it turns out revenge, as they say, is a Chris Paul...

Clips Nation
Lou Williams is a Finalist for the Sixth Man of the Year Award

This is unsurprising

TNT is handling the NBA Awards ceremonies, and they are currently in the middle of releasing the finalists (top 3 vote-getters) for each award. The Clippers didn’t place in Coach of the Year, Most Improved, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, or Most Valuable Player.

However, Lou Williams is officially a finalist for the Sixth Man of the Year Award. Widely considered the favorite to win the whole thing, Lou averaged 22.6 points and 5.3 assists for the Clippers in the 2017-2018 season, leading the team in both categories. He had one of the best scoring seasons ever for a bench player, and was the team’s number one offensive option for most of the season. Really, he should win the award unanimously.

The other two finalists are the RocketsEric Gordon, and the Raptors’ Fred Van Vleet. Notable honorable mentions include the NuggetsWill Barton and the Clippers’ own Montrezl Harrell.

Good luck Lou!

Here are your #KiaSixth Finalists! #NBAAwards

— NBA TV (@NBATV) May 17, 2018
LATimes Clipper News
Clippers' staff combines efforts to examine best NBA prospects for draft

With the NBA lottery drawing behind them, the Clippers will turn their attention to the league combine and what knowledge they can gain about potential draft picks.

The Clippers have the 12th and 13th picks in the June 21 NBA draft, but preparation starts much earlier as they interview prospects...

Fully Clips
[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Los Angeles Clippers: Post-Lottery Trade Packages for Kawhi Leonard
... Locked on Clippers: Draft Lottery Provides Clippers with Plenty of Options by Garrett Chorpenning ...
Fully Clips
[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Locked on Clippers: Draft Lottery Provides Clippers with Plenty of Options
... franchise for years to come. Going after Leonard would immediately vault the Clippers into playoff contention, while drafting two young studs could prepare them f ...
Clips Nation
The Lob the Jam the Podcast: Draft Lottery Reaction

The NBA lottery was mostly uneventful for the Clippers, but still had some important developments.

I briefly discussed the NBA draft lottery that took place Tuesday night, and gave my thoughts on where the Clippers might go now that they have their two picks secured. After that, I touched on the Cavs-Celtics series, and then answered some Twitter questions, mostly regarding the draft.

Fully Clips
[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Potential Draft Options for the Los Angeles Clippers
... Los Angeles Clippers will select 12th and 13th in the 2018 NBA Draft by Ryan Snellings ...
Fully Clips
[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Los Angeles Clippers will select 12th and 13th in the 2018 NBA Draft
... picks, the Clippers look to add depth to their team while hoping one of the young bucks can blos ...
LATimes Clipper News
Clippers land the 12th and 13th picks in the 2018 NBA draft lottery; Suns will pick No. 1

It came as no surprise that the Clippers got the 13th pick in the NBA draft during Tuesday’s lottery drawing in Chicago.

The Clippers also got the 12th pick in the June 21st draft from the Detroit Pistons as part of the Blake Griffin trade. Detroit would have kept that pick had it landed in the...

Clips Nation
NBA Draft Lottery: Clippers Stay At Picks 12, 13

Overwhelming odds won out, as neither Clippers pick moved.

At the NBA Draft Lottery in Chicago Tuesday night, the Clippers had an uneventful night. They entered the night in slot 13, with the Detroit Pistons’ pick in slot 12, and that’s just how they left.

In order for that to change, at least one of the teams in slots 12, 13, and 14 would have had to jump into the top 3—and incredibly unlikely occurrence. Slot 12 had a 2.5% chance of jumping, slot 13 had a 2.2% chance, and slot 14 had a 1.8% chance.

With the 12th and 13th picks, the Clippers will miss out on top-tier talent that would have been available if they had jumped into the top 3, but they’ll still have an opportunity to select from a player pool that could include some of Mikal Bridges, Miles Bridges, Robert Williams, Shia Gilgeous-Alexander, and Kevin Knox, among others.

The Clippers can also explore a variety of trade options using these picks and their horde of expiring contracts, either moving higher in the draft or using draft assets to make a move for a more established current NBA player.

The NBA Draft will be held on June 21st, ahead of July’s free agency period.