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Players cheered on draft night that ended up sucking.
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OT: NBA Finals odds.
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Clippers Bring Back Luc
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Clips sign Mike Scott..
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Clips Nation
NBA Free Agency: Mike Scott, Clippers Agree to One-Year Deal

Finally, the big splash we’ve been waiting for.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Clippers have signed veteran forward Mike Scott to a one-year deal.

Free agent Mike Scott has agreed to a one-year deal with the Clippers, league sources tell ESPN.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) July 2, 2018

Scott had the best season of his career for the Wizards last year, averaging 8.8 points and 3.3 rebounds in 18.5 minutes per game off of the bench, while shooting an efficient 52.7% from the field and 40.5% from three-point range. He gives the Clippers something they didn’t have last season: a competent backup forward who can play ahead of Wesley Johnson and Sam Dekker and actually space the floor.

Still, it’s sort of a hard addition to get excited about, as the Clippers don’t figure to be competitive next season and have spent the free agency period chasing after players on the wrong side of 30. With the 9 teams who finished ahead of the Clippers only getting stronger (and several teams that were behind them gearing up as well), and LAC losing DeAndre Jordan in free agency, the team can hardly claim to be balancing a playoff push with long-term development. A playoff push is far out of the Clippers’ reach as currently constructed. Adding veteran free agents with no long-term upside simply serves to secure the Clippers’ hold on 11th place in the West—because God forbid they slide to 13th and get a better draft pick.

LATimes Clipper News
Clippers agree to one-year deal with veteran forward Mike Scott

The Clippers and free-agent forward Mike Scott have agreed to a one-year deal, according to an NBA official who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

Scott averaged 8.8 points and 3.3 rebounds last season with the Washington Wizards.

Scott is a 6-8 forward who can stretch the floor...

Clips Nation
NBA Free Agency 2018: Clippers Have Had Discussions With Kevon Looney

No deal is imminent, per report.

According to Brad Turner of the L.A. Times, the Clippers have had preliminary discussions with Golden State Warriors free agent Kevon Looney, but no deal is imminent:

Clippers have talked to Kevon Looney but no deal imminent, sources

— Brad Turner (@BA_Turner) July 2, 2018

Looney is a 6’9” modern PF/C who was solid but unremarkable in a backup role for the Warriors last season, averaging 4 points and 3.3 rebounds in 13.8 minutes per game last season. His per-minute averages aren’t great, he’s never shown capability to be good in a large sample size, and most of his production has come on the fringes of an all-time great team—a situation where even JaVale McGee has been hyper-productive.

However, there’s a certain extent to which Looney may be an upside play. The Clippers have an advantage over other teams in the scouting department, as consultant Jerry West previously worked for the Warriors when Looney was drafted, and during his first two seasons in Golden State. Additionally, Looney is a rare first-round draft pick who will hit unrestricted free agency at 22 years old, as the Warriors declined his fourth-year option ahead of last season.

It’s tough to see where Looney fits on the Clippers, though. As long as the Clippers are able to retain Montrezl Harrell in restricted free agency, the backup center spot seems to be filled, and Looney doesn’t stretch the floor enough to be an optimal fit alongside Montrezl on the second unit.

Clips Nation
NBA Free Agency: Clippers to Meet with Anthony Tolliver

Add veteran forward Anthony Tolliver to the list of potential new Clippers

The Clippers have shown interest in handful of players so far in free agency, but haven’t signed anyone. Per Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports, however, they are apparently very interested in Pistons’ free agent forward Anthony Tolliver, as they are flying out to his home in Dallas to talk to him.

Sources: Top brass from the Los Angeles Clippers have flown to Dallas to meet with free agent forward Anthony Tolliver in his home.

— Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) July 1, 2018

Tolliver is 33 years old, and has played on 9 teams in his 10 NBA seasons. He’s widely acknowledged as one of the best teammates and people in the NBA today, beloved by coaches, media members, fans, and fellow players. A stretch forward, Tolliver, is a big man who can both shoot the ball from distance and play defense, making him a valuable bench player. He shot 43.6% from deep on 4.6 attempts for the Pistons last year, and is a 37.6% shooter from long-range for the duration of his NBA career.

For most of his career Tolliver has been a minimum-salaried player, or slightly above, but his fantastic 2017-2018 season and his fit with the direction the NBA is going might put him at slightly higher demand. Still, the Biannual Exception (BAE) at $3,386,000 might be enough for him, especially if the Clippers give him both years. He would be a great fit next to Montrezl Harrell as a floor spacer and defensive presence, and is the exact type of personality who the Clippers have been targeting.

Clips Nation
With Doug McDermott and Joe Harris Gone, How Does the Wing Market Play Out?

Two of the Clippers’ best options for a solid rotation player were gone before the July 1st free agency deadline even hit yesterday. Who can they turn to now?

Teams and free agents technically couldn’t speak with each other until 12:00 AM on July 1st. Yet that didn’t prevent the usual sly dealings from taking place, and the corresponding dropping of Woj (Adrian Wojnarowksi) bombs on Twitter. Two of the very first names to go were Doug McDermott and Joe Harris, both of whom were linked to the Clippers as wing players who might be available for the MLE or less. Here’s a look at those deals as well as how the remaining wing market might play out for the Clippers.

Harris re-signed with the Nets on a 2 year, $16 million deal, which seems like fair value on the surface. The MLE, as Lucas detailed yesterday, will be $8,641,000 next season. Harris, therefore, signed a deal slightly under the MLE, and for fewer years than the MLE potentially offers. This makes sense for Harris. He turns 27 in September, so he will be heading into year 29 when his contract expires in summer 2020. That’s the perfect age for one last real deal before becoming a minimum-salaried player. As for the Nets, they retained a player who was a key part of their rotation last year, and who fills a much-needed role in today’s NBA: three-point gunner. As the Nets slowly start to work their way up the standings, they will need capable rotation players, and Harris is certainly that. In a different market with more money available Harris could have signed a more lucrative deal, but that’s why he’s going back into free agency just two years from now.

Doug McDermott, on the other hand, was the first player to actually change teams last night, moving to the Indiana Pacers on a 3 year, $22 million deal, also below the MLE. Just like Harris, Doug is 26 years old, and is thought of as a sharpshooter. While he does have fantastic percentages on three-point shots, he doesn’t actually take all that many of them. He’s a more selective shooter than he should be, though I think the right coach could get him to be more of a Kyle Korver/Wayne Ellington type. However, so far, that hasn’t happened, and 3 years is a long time to pay McDermott, especially as he’s a worse player than Harris almost across the board. Indiana is trying to become a contender, and McDermott slots in nicely on their team behind Bojan Bogdanovic, who in many ways he’s a worse version of. I just think they paid a little much for him both in years and dollars.

The wing market this summer is not an extremely deep one. With McDermott and Harris both gone on deals that reasonably resemble what was expected for them, the rest of the market should follow suit. Here’s a look at a handful of other options and the deals they might look to receive:

· Mario Hezonja: Hezonja is a worse player than McDermott or Harris, and it’s not close. Even in his breakout third season his shooting numbers weren’t all that great, and the sample size of him being a legit role player is a mere half a season (from January on). Hezonja is, however, just 23 years old, and is far more athletic than either of the older wings. Any team paying him would assume that he could at least replicate that confident, second-half play from the 2017-2018 season, and hopefully improve from there now that he’s adjusted to the NBA. There is the gamble that his better play was just a flash and not a real step forwards, so Hezonja has the most risk/reward of any of these guys. It seems unlikely that he gets more than the MLE, but a 3/24 is certainly possible if a team really believes in him. And the Clippers could match that with either the MLE if they go over the cap, or with their available cap room if they don’t. Overall, I’d rather have Hezonja on the Clippers than Harris or McDermott due to his youth and potential, even if he’s the lesser player now.

· Luc Mbah a Moute: This seems like a pipedream. While Luc is older than Harris and McDermott and more injury-prone, he’s a much better player than either, a borderline All-Defense level defender who can hit open threes. And with Trevor Ariza departing the Rockets for the Suns, Houston needs to retain him at all costs.

· Wayne Ellington: Ellington is also older, but as one of the best sharpshooters in the NBA (essentially a superpowered Harris), it seems like his baseline is at least the MLE. The Clippers could offer this, but Ellington is more of a guard than a wing anyway.

· James Ennis III: Ennis hasn’t been talked about nearly as much as the rest of these players, but he’s an intriguing option who should be a bit cheaper than many of the Clippers’ other options. Ennis isn’t a shooter or even much of a scorer, instead focusing on defense and providing energy and chaos. This would make him a good fit with the Clippers’ high-powered offensive bench, as he could cover up for some of Lou Williams’ defensive gaffes and would join Montrezl Harrell as a guy who goes hard all over the court. I think he should be available for something a little less than what Glenn Robinson III just got with the Pistons (2/8.4), which would place him around the BAE (3,386,000 per year). If the Clippers can get him for that contract, I think they should.

· Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: Already connected to the Clippers, with a meeting scheduled, Pope is more a guard than a wing, though he isn’t all that much smaller than Harris. Still, he’s younger than McDermott or Harris, a better-rounded player, and has improved his shooting the past two years. He was quite good for the Lakers last year if one removes the month or so that he spent in jail when he wasn’t playing, and is young enough that the improvement might be legitimate, possibly with even more growth on the way. I can’t see him making less than Harris, though he could want to take a higher-paying one-year deal so that he could hit free agency next summer, when more teams will have free agency. I can see the appeal for the Clippers, just not the monetary fit.

We will see how the rest of free agency goes, but right now, things seem to have slowed down significantly since last night’s opening flurry. The Clippers have their meeting with Pope tomorrow (it was moved back a day), and even then, I wouldn’t expect a deal right away. And there is still the chance the Clippers get a top 3 wing player in the world, and land Kawhi Leonard. Stay tuned.

Clips Nation
NBA Off-Season 2018: Avery Bradley Could be the X-Factor for the Clippers’ Free Agency Plans

A player who barely had an impact on the court seems poised to be very important off of it.

This is an interesting spot to be in.

Avery Bradley came to the Clippers as part of the mid-season Blake Griffin trade. He’s always been a nice NBA player (sometimes quite good!), but there wasn’t really much question as to why he was included in January’s deal: he hadn’t performed for the Pistons, and his expiring contract was the most convenient way to bridge (part of) the gap between Tobias Harris’ salary and Blake Griffin’s much larger maximum contract.

After an underwhelming first half of the season for the Pistons, where he spent a good portion of the time playing hurt, Bradley played just six games as a Clipper before being shut down for the season with surgery for a sports hernia. He came into a crowded backcourt that featured a pre-season rotation of Patrick Beverley, Milos Teodosic, Austin Rivers, and Lou Williams, along with rookies Jawun Evans and Patrick Beverley. Add in two-way contract guard Tyrone Wallace, who was phenomenal after joining the team mid-season, and the Clippers’ decision to select guards Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jerome Robinson in the first round of last month’s NBA Draft, and you’re left with an incredibly congested guard rotation.

Even last week’s trade, which sent Austin Rivers to the Wizards, and the uncertain statuses of Teodosic (partially guaranteed contract) and Wallace (restricted free agent) don’t leave much playing time open at the guard positions, especially if the Clippers want Shai and Jerome to get playing time as rookies. So how does Avery Bradley fit into the picture?

As currently constructed, there’s very little need for the Clippers to use their mid-level exception or bi-annual exception on a shooting guard. They clearly have plenty of depth there, with more serious needs at the backup forward positions and, to a lesser extent, an upgrade at the center position. Unless the Clippers make a major trade that totally re-shapes the roster, it would be pretty unwise of them to use one of their tools on another guard while Wesley Johnson and Sam Dekker man the backup forward positions.

What makes Avery Bradley so interesting is that, unlike other free agents, the Clippers can sign Bradley to an above-minimum deal without utilizing one of their cap exceptions. Because Bradley was on the Clippers last season, and he has gone at least three seasons without switching teams as a free agent, the Clippers have his bird rights—meaning they can exceed the cap to sign him to any contract they like without having to use an exception. Even if Bradley isn’t one of the Clippers’ preferred targets, they can utilize his bird rights to add value in a bunch of different ways. Aside from the obvious, ever-present infinite spectrum of trade scenarios, Bradley’s bird rights are the variable with the most permutations in the Clippers’ free agency puzzle. Here are some ways it could play out:

  • Keep Avery: This is the simple one. Bradley’s bird rights allow the team to re-sign him to a mutually agreeable contract in addition to using their mid-level exception and bi-annual exception on outside free agents at positions of need. That means that the real opportunity cost here isn’t financial, it’s in terms of minutes and roster spots. We’re assuming that Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams will be back in major roles next season, so keeping Avery around will make all of the Clippers’ young guards compete for one rotation spot, basically meaning that only one of Gilgeous-Alexander and Robinson will be able to earn minutes. It also makes it incredibly unlikely that all three of Jawun Evans, Sindarius Thornwell, and Tyrone Wallace will be able to be on the roster next season—the team can carry 7 guards if they have to, but carrying eight would make for an irresponsibly unbalanced roster. For those reasons, I don’t expect the Clippers to keep Avery around on the sizable multi-year deal that he’s going to want. But, if he doesn’t find that kind of contract elsewhere, he could very well end up stuck with only mid-level exception offers. The Clippers can beat that on a one-year deal where Bradley can rebuild his value for next summer’s free agency. If he plays well, he’ll have positive trade value at the deadline, and if he doesn’t, he can come off the books next summer.
  • Sign-And-Trade Avery: Speaking of trading Avery at the deadline, why not trade him now? It seems as though a nice collection of teams will be interested in him, and if some of those suitors don’t have the salary cap room to make competitive offers, the Clippers can help facilitate a deal by using Bradley’s bird rights to sign-and-trade him to an above-MLE deal. The teams have to comply with normal salary-matching rules in this scenario, so the Clippers would have to get some sort of compensation back: either in terms of players they like coming back in the deal, or draft compensation attached to expiring contracts. The Memphis Grizzlies, for example, could give Avery Bradley a starting salary of almost $10 million in a sign-and-trade where they sent Ben McLemore’s expiring contract back to the Clippers. Not to get too far into any dream scenarios, but a Bradley sign-and-trade could also become a valuable piece in a potential Kawhi Leonard trade. The Spurs were reportedly interested in Bradley at the trade deadline (the rumored deal of Danny Green and a 1st round pick never made sense, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any interest at all), and it’s possible that they would be more interested in a deal if the defensive guard included was 27-year-old Bradley instead of 30-year-old Patrick Beverley, who is coming off of knee surgery. As part of a larger, more complex Leonard deal, Bradley’s outgoing trade value could be used in a one-for-one side-trade with Patty Mills, allowing the Clippers to relieve the Spurs of a long-term, cumbersome contract in exchange for a player they both like and won’t be able to afford in free agency. That’s not a bad way to add short- and medium-term value for the Spurs as they seek to remain competitive post-Kawhi.
  • Renounce Avery: If the Clippers can’t find a way to fit Bradley into a sign-and-trade that’s beneficial to the team, and if they either aren’t interested in keeping him around or aren’t willing to beat other teams’ offers, then it’s time to renounce Bradley’s bird rights, a move that comes with its own unique set of advantages. As long as Bradley’s free agent cap hold is on the books, the Clippers aren’t going to have cap space and are restricted to use the MLE and BAE to add free agents. But if the Clippers do renounce Bradley, they put themselves in a position to open up enough cap room to marginally improve their free agency tools. The team can either use the MLE ($8.641M) and the BAE ($3.382M), or they can renounce those exceptions, use however much cap room they clear, and then use the room exception ($4,449,000). My calculations suggest that the Clippers can easily clear $8,975,186 in cap room by renouncing Bradley and waiving Milos Teodosic and C.J. Williams. That gives them a little over a $300,000 edge on their bigger free agency tool, and an increase of just over $1 million on their smaller free agency tool. Those marginal increases probably aren’t worth the potential value that the Clippers could recoup in a Bradley sign-and-trade, but if such a deal isn’t workable then this would be a nice silver lining, and could be key a key advantage when pursuing free agents who only have MLE/BAE offers.

Everything else that we’re waiting on in the Clippers’ free agency plans seems pretty straightforward: either they match Montrezl’s eventual offer sheet or they don’t, they pick players to use their exceptions on, and then we’re set unless they pull off a trade. Bradley is the biggest remaining unknown, with the most potential to spark a chain reaction, determining what tools the Clippers have moving forward and influencing their decision-making with those tools.

Clips Nation
NBA Free Agency Rumors: Clippers Interested in Center Amir Johnson

The Clippers are apparently looking for another backup big man

Per Sean Deveney of Sporting News, the Clippers have contacted veteran big man Amir Johnson to see if he’s interested in signing on the vet minimum.

Amir is a 31 year old center who has played in the NBA for 13 years on four different teams. A strong defensive player, Amir is limited offensively, and would play a reserve role on a good team. Still, he’s a well-respected and liked player who happens to be very close to the Clippers’ own Lou Williams.

The @LAClippers and @Lakers have contacted free-agent C/F Amir Johnson about a vet's deal on the first night of free agency.
As @DWolfsonKSTP reported, the Timberwolves contacted him, too.

— Sean Deveney (@SeanDeveney) July 1, 2018

Interestingly, the Clippers already have two centers on their roster in Boban Marjanovic and Marcin Gortat, and are presumably re-signing Montrezl Harrell, another big man best suited to play center. This is therefore an indication that one of the two centers already on the roster (Gortat, most likely), could still be on the move. Johnson would be a solid pickup for a playoff squad as a backup big man, yet another sign that the Clippers have interest in being competitive again next season.

Clips Nation
NBA Trade Rumors: Clippers Still Pursuing Kawhi Leonard

Jerry West isn’t giving up easily

According to ESPN’s Chris Haynes, the Clippers are still attempting to trade for San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard. Haynes called acquiring Leonard a “high offseason priority” for the Clippers.

ESPN Sources: Los Angeles Clippers haven’t abandoned pursuit of acquiring San Antonio Spurs’ All-Star Kawhi Leonard. He remains a high offseason priority for LAC.

— Chris Haynes (@ChrisBHaynes) July 1, 2018

Any Clippers package for Leonard likely revolves around Tobias Harris, but the team can also add value by including veteran point guard Patrick Beverley and a future first-round pick. Those assets fall short of the long-term upside that could come in potential offers from the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, or Philadelphia 76ers, but Harris and Beverley allow the Spurs to be more competitive in the short-term—and it’s been a long time since San Antonio accepted bottoming out and rebuilding long-term. It especially doesn’t seem likely as Gregg Popovich nears 70 years old and could be looking to stay competitive in the closing years of his career.

There’s one more area where the Clippers can help that the Lakers, Celtics, and Sixers can’t—with salary cap relief. The Spurs have rather large, multi-year salaries remaining for Paul Gasol and Patty Mills, and the Clippers have a host of expiring contracts that can be exchanged to provide the Spurs with cap relief as soon as the summer of 2019. It isn’t as good as having Kawhi, but Pop is always going to be a draw for free agents who he likes, and he’d be able to have a lot of fun with a wide-open cap sheet next summer. That flexibility may be more intriguing to the Spurs than the superior prospects that other teams can offer.

In order to make salary matching work for Gasol and Mills, the Clippers would have to include more outgoing expiring contracts. Recently-acquired center Marcin Gortat works in a straight-up swap for Gasol, while Tobias Harris isn’t quite enough to fit Leonard’s deal. The Clippers would need to include a small salary, likely Sam Dekker’s, to work that portion of the trade. Finally, Patrick Beverley needs to be accompanied by either Wesley Johnson or Boban Marjanovic to make salaries work for the Clippers to absorb the three years and $37 million remaining on Mills’ contract. All in all, the Spurs get two big-time contributors in Harris and Beverley, a replacement big man for Gasol in Gortat, and a future pick—but, most importantly, they are left with only LaMarcus Aldridge and prospects on the roster next July, potentially giving them upwards of $60 million to bring some pieces back and add outside free agents to build a new team around Aldridge.

LATimes Clipper News
Paul George agrees to remain in OKC before meeting with Lakers; Durant, Jordan and Paul agree to deals

Paul George will not come home.

The Palmdale native has committed to stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder, according to a source who was not authorized to speak publicly. George went to Oklahoma City on Saturday afternoon and made his commitment before even meeting with the Lakers, the team for...

Clips Nation
NBA Free Agency Rumors: Clippers to Meet with Avery Bradley on July 1st

Add another guard/wing to the Clippers’ potential mix

Per Brad Turner of the LA Times, the Clippers will meet with Avery Bradley tomorrow (July 1st) to discuss re-signing him.

Bradley is a 27 year old shooting guard who’s a tenacious on-ball defender and can hit threes. He came over to the Clippers last year as part of the Blake Griffin deal, but only played 6 games for them before getting shut down with a sports hernia. He spent the first seven years of his career with the Boston Celtics, where he was coached by Clippers’ coach Doc Rivers.

Clippers meeting with Avery Bradley tomorrow to discuss re-signing him, per source.

— Brad Turner (@BA_Turner) July 1, 2018

Just like the Kentavious Caldwell-Pope news, this interest in Bradley doesn’t make a ton of sense on the service. Bradley is a fine role player, but he’s an injury-prone, veteran guard, and the Clippers just drafted two guards with lottery draft picks. They don’t need any more guards, and it’s curious they appear to have an interest in them. Maybe a big deal is coming?