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blake griffin trade?
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What are DoubleTechnical's thoughts on the playoffs?
nuraman00 » 05/6/16 » 1:50pm
05/6/16 » 1:51pm
Ok this is sort of freaky
trapp76 » 04/26/16 » 7:49pm
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05/6/16 » 1:49pm
Austin's market value
ClipperSisyphus » 05/1/16 » 5:40pm (Page: 1, 2)
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05/6/16 » 12:44pm
Why keep blaming VDN and Doc
V-Ice » 05/3/16 » 2:53pm (Page: 1, 2)
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Austin Rivers Joins Woj On “The Vertical Podcast”
Clippers guard Austin Rivers joined Adrian Wojnarowski on “The Vertical Podcast” following his courageous finish to the first-round series against the Trail Blazers.
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Blake Griffin of Los Angeles Clippers ruled out of USA Basketball training camps, exhibition tour
Blake Griffin will not practice or tour with Team USA this summer as he continues rehabilitation following a bone-marrow procedure on his left quad tendon.
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NBA's Top 10 Missed High Fives
Kyle Lowry isn't the first and won't be the last to botch a basketball high five.
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[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Clippers: 5 point guards to pursue in 2016 NBA free agency
... Clippers to discuss starting their own NBA D-League team by Tom West ...
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2016 Clippers Exit Interview: Branden Dawson

The exit interview series rolls on with Branden Dawson, the Clippers' lone draft pick/purchase in 2015.

Name: Branden Dawson

Age: 23

Key Stats (total with Clippers): 6 games, 29 minutes, 5 points (2-of-5 FGs), 4 rebounds, 1 block

Key Stats (per game with 3 NBDL teams): 29 games, 21.0 min, 10.3 points, 4.9 rebounds, 1.1 steals, 51.8% FG

Years in NBA: 1

2015-2016 salary: $525,093

Future contract status: 1 remaining year for a non-guaranteed $874,636.  Restricted free agent in 2017.

Summary: Branden (with-an-E) Dawson drew some very optimistic comparisons to fellow former Michigan State four-year player Draymond Green, because both are (generously listed as) 6'7", both are tweeners, and both were drafted in the second round. Green, of course, is now an All-Star and one of the cornerstones of the defending champion Warriors. Dawson had a nice stint in Summer League but played just 29 regular season minutes for the Clippers, who flat bought him from the Pelicans during the draft, getting most of his experience in the D-League. It should be noted that he was arrested for domestic violence in March but never charged.

Strengths: The physical resemblance to Draymond is obvious: short-ish, chiseled, and with arms for days. Given how little we saw of him, there's no reason to update his pre-draft scouting report. Dawson is an athlete. He's strong and explosive. In Summer League he was a hyperactive menace. I have no feel for NBDL statistics, but 32 steals and 21 blocks against just 48 fouls in 29 games sounds pretty solid for a 3/4 combo player.

Weaknesses: It all starts with his shot, which is basically non-existent. It's funky and it's slow, and it's possible it never gets better. He's purported to be a solid finisher -- see that 51.8% FG rate in the NBDL -- but overall he's sushi offensively.

Future with the Clippers: It's tough to tell with the youngsters, because Doc Rivers never plays them. He only seems to trade them. Dawson isn't young for a rookie -- he's only 6 months younger than Austin Rivers -- and that probably limits his upside. As does the fact that he was drafted 56th overall. Not a lot of productive players last that long in the draft. If you project from the scouting report, you might see a Luc Richard Mbah a Moute replacement. But it seems just as likely that he gets cut or traded for a ready-made veteran.

Best moment(s) as a Clipper:

Let's cheat and just roll his highlight package from Summer League.

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Happy birthday Chris Paul!

Here's hoping one of your birthday presents is a speedy recovery!

Happy birthday Chris Paul! We all send you birthday wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery! And, also, maybe someone gives you your own banana boat or something.

Happy Birthday #PointGod! ❤

— LA Clippers (@LAClippers) May 6, 2016

Retweet to wish @CP3 a Happy Birthday!

— LA Clippers (@LAClippers) May 6, 2016

(h/t Clippers)

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Remember: Watch the Chris Paul vs. Snoop Dog "Lip Sync Battle" tonight!

This should be...entertaining?

Chris Paul filmed an episode of "Lip Sync Battle" a few months ago. Tonight, it airs on Spike TV at 10pm (9pm CST).

Just now, Chris tweeted this:

Can you guess why @SnoopDogg is reacting this way? Find out tonight 10/9c on @SpikeLSB! #LipSyncBattle

— Chris Paul (@CP3) May 5, 2016

Reminder, this will be part of his repertoire:

While Snoop will counter with this:

We can't wait. Tune in tonight!

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ClipCast: Arash Markazi and Brian Siemen Talk Next Step

ESPN's Arash Markazi and the voice of the Clippers Brian Siemen come on ClipCast to talk about what's next for the team.

2014-2015 Clippers Basketball is over!  ClipCast is sending you off in style with ESPN's Arash Markazi and the voice of the Clippers Brian Siemen.  Brian, Arash, Chris Wylde and the Jaguar predict what happens next for your LA Clippers. RSS
Clippers To Discuss NBA Development League Team
More than two-thirds of NBA teams will have their own singly-affiliated NBA Development League team by the start of next season.
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2016 Not-So-Clippers Exit Interview: Josh Smith

We continue our exit interview series with a failed experiment: backup big man Josh Smith.

Name: Joshua Smith

Age: 30

Key Stats: 32 games as a Clipper, 14.2 minutes per game, 14.2 points, 9.8 rebounds, 3.3 assists, 2.7 blocks, and 1.4 steals per 36 minutes.  38% FG and 31% from deep.

Years in NBA: 12

2015-16 Salary: League minimum of $1.5 million from Clippers in addition to $5.4 million in prior stretched salary from the Detroit Pistons

Future Contract Status: Unrestricted free agent for the Houston Rockets this summer, no bird or early bird rights


Josh Smith's arrival to the Clippers brought out some mixed emotions.  On one hand, he had JUST killed the Clippers in the playoffs, dropping 19 points in the Rockets' comeback win in game 6, including four made threes.  He's also infamous for his low basketball IQ, making dumb plays and shooting an incredibly high volume of three pointers at an incredibly low rate (career 1578 attempts at 28.5%).  On the other hand, he had a reputation throughout his career as a remarkable athlete and skilled forward, handling and passing the ball well.  He's also been a long-time stat stuffer defensively, with 1.3 steals and 2.1 blocks per 36 minutes in his career.


As a Clipper, Josh didn't have a lot of strengths, but early in the season he showed real signs of high-level rim protection defensively.  He anchored an incredibly small second unit featuring Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford, Wesley Johnson, and Paul Pierce, and did relatively admirably in that crappy situation.  He was routinely the tallest player on the floor despite being just 6'9", and while the Clippers' second unit was atrocious at rebounding and defense early in the year, he was doing his best to keep them afloat.


Everything he tried to do offensively failed.  Josh Smith missed threes, he missed mid-range jumpers, he missed floaters, layups, and dunks.  He regularly failed to even catch the ball when he was fed on a roll, and his ineptness killed the offensive hopes of a unit that couldn't compete defensively.    The bench would let up an 8-0 run almost every game, and the issue wasn't so much that they would allow 8 points in the 2-3 minutes they played to start the fourth quarter, but that they could not score even a few points to counter-balance the run.  Smith was clearly too small to thrive as the sole "big" on the floor, and his struggles offensively really limited his potential to run the four.  Any dreams of Smith playing in the high post, driving to the rim, and feeding Griffin and Jordan were lost when he displayed an inability to do anything offensively.

Future With the Clippers:

Crazier things have happened, but at 30 years old, Smith's career outlook isn't looking too great, not to mention his potential return to a team that traded him away halfway through his first season.  The Clippers accommodated Josh's wishes and sent him back to conference rival Houston, where he had success last season, but he was even worse as a Rocket than as a Clipper.  Smith's percentages dropped from the field, deep, and the line, and he wound up out of the rotation as the season went on.

Favorite Moment as a Clipper:

I couldn't bear to share video of Josh Smith hitting a three, but this block was nice, and against Steph, which is cool

Josh Smith Blocks Stephen Curry _ Warriors vs... by NBAGamesHighlights