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How long?
Griffin5 » 07/31/14 » 9:43am
10 ItchyBear
07/31/14 » 12:35pm
Is Chris Paul worth it?
ClipperSisyphus » 07/25/14 » 5:15pm (Page: 1, 2, 3, 4)
99 Hitnrun24
07/31/14 » 12:21pm
Rumor: smh bled to lakers
GriffinSetShots32 » 07/19/14 » 7:30pm (Page: 1, 2, 3Last Page)
127 gilp5
07/31/14 » 9:44am
ItchyBear » 07/25/14 » 4:35pm
11 Clippers1121
07/31/14 » 8:48am
Summertime TV and Movie Viewing Thread
ClipperSisyphus » 06/1/14 » 2:08pm (Page: 1, 2, 3)
82 Clippers1121
07/31/14 » 8:46am
Clips v. Golden Showers on NBA TV right now
ItchyBear » 07/30/14 » 10:20pm
1 nuraman00
07/31/14 » 8:02am
Why Donald Why????
clipfan88 » 07/30/14 » 4:26pm
2 CorkScrew
07/31/14 » 1:33am
DTS loses in Court, Team to be Sold, Appeals Cannot Stop It
Mistwell » 07/28/14 » 3:02pm (Page: 1, 2)
35 Clippers1121
07/30/14 » 9:32am
Aminu chooses Mavs
Hitnrun24 » 07/23/14 » 6:56pm
17 clipsentuboca
07/29/14 » 9:47pm
Are ya'll excited about CLIPPER SPIRIT AUDITIONS...
Dyce » 07/26/14 » 2:18am
2 clipsentuboca
07/29/14 » 9:44pm
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Listen Closely - Bomani Jones
Linda Cohn welcomes Bomani Jones to discuss his career path, the proper way to act on social media, Donald Sterling's actions, lack of interest in bas...
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espnw -- Natalie Nakase breaks new ground as NBA assistant coach
After two years of diligent film study and analysis with the Clippers, Natalie Nakase got an unexpected call from Doc Rivers. The Clippers wanted her to become the first woman to be an assistant coach in the NBA.
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David Stern praises successor Adam Silver for handling of Donald Sterling controversy
Former Commissioner David Stern praised the NBA's handling of the Donald Sterling controversy and predicts it will "end well" for the league. RSS
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[Fansided: Fully Clips] - HoopsHype ranks the top-50 Clippers of all-time
... ey’ve been role players a bit past their primes during their tenure with the Clippers. With each playing well, they have a legit chance to move up this list as th ...
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End of the Sterling affair? Judge’s ruling paves way for surprisingly quick resolution
The specter of a player boycott if Donald Sterling were still to be the owner of the Clippers by the start of the 2014-15 season appears to have been dispelled. Judge Michael Levanas issued a sweeping oral ruling in favor of Shelley Stirling which would allow the proposed $2 billion sale of the team to Steve Ballmer to go through. Shelley’s victory on the merits is not terribly unexpected. Donald’s reported histrionics as well as those of his attorney Max Blecher probably didn’t impress Levanas overly much. The Judge was well within his discretion to find the testimony of Shelley’s medical witnesses more credible than those of Donald and thus rule that control of the Sterling Family Trust (the technical owner of the team) passed to Shelley. The part of the ruling which was eye-opening was Levanas’ decision to invoke section 1310(b) of California Probate Code. This provision permits (but does not require) the court to allow Shelley Sterling the right to dispose of trust property, regardless of any pending appeal of the initial ruling.  Essentially this means Shelley is free to sell the Clippers to Ballmer, and even if Donald were to reverse the decision on appeal, the sale would be not be disturbed under section 1311. Though Donald Sterling has other court cases against the NBA, Shelley and Ballmer percolating, this ruling is a severe blow to Donald’s ability to delay the eventual sale of the team. Far more common in a dispute over a sale of an asset of the value and complexity of an NBA team would be for any sale proceedings to be enjoined until the resolution of an appeal. The preclusion of any such injunction dramatically alters the time frame for resolution of the issue of the sale of the team, even if suits between the Sterlings, the NBA and various other parts may linger for years as they wander through the California and federal court systems. The invocation of section 1310(b) was described as “unusual” and “extraordinary” by Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times. Levanas based that portion of the ruling on testimony such as that from Clippers’ interim CEO Richard Parsons who claimed the team would enter a “death spiral” if Donald Sterling were allowed to remain in charge. It is not known to what extent the threat of a boycott from Paul and other Clippers affected or influenced the judge’s decision.
LATimes Clipper News
Donald Sterling to keep up fight over Clippers, attorney says
A day after a wide-ranging defeat in court that cleared a path for the Clippers to be sold for $2 billion, Donald Sterling hasn't given up.
LATimes Clipper News
For Lakers' Byron Scott, it's ready to go time, if not 'Showtime'
The touch of irony was there for all to see.
ESPN LA Clippers Feed
Max & Marcellus: [hr2]
Why did the Lakers make Byron Scott wait so long to get hired? Max loves the way Byron smacks his mouth after talking about the Clippers. Is this a La...