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what about ....?
clipfan88 » 12/21/14 » 10:30am
7 clipfan88
12/21/14 » 5:15pm
Last Year's Clippers Would Sweep This Year's Clippers in 4
CorkScrew » 12/20/14 » 3:16am
9 clipfan88
12/21/14 » 5:10pm
Air Kaman to have his first baby soon.
nuraman00 » 12/21/14 » 1:12pm
4 nuraman00
12/21/14 » 4:19pm
What does everyone think of the latest changes?
nuraman00 » 09/12/14 » 8:20am (Page: 1, 2)
54 nuraman00
12/21/14 » 2:09pm
Fix this frigging site!!!!!
ClipperSisyphus » 12/18/14 » 11:58am
25 nuraman00
12/21/14 » 1:05pm
Look what I got
Dyce » 12/20/14 » 1:12pm
4 DoubleTechnical
12/21/14 » 8:26am
#27 - Milwaukee Bucks @ LA Clippers
JGlanton » 12/20/14 » 3:03pm
18 trapp76
12/20/14 » 10:23pm
Are The Best in the East as Good as the Best in the West?
tullabye » 12/19/14 » 11:07pm
2 trapp76
12/20/14 » 10:14pm
OT: Fantasy Survival NFL league.
nuraman00 » 08/10/12 » 10:30pm
13 nuraman00
12/20/14 » 3:53pm
ICE Defense Video.
nuraman00 » 12/20/14 » 3:07pm
1 nuraman00
12/20/14 » 3:16pm
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Clippers-Spurs Preview
Clippers-Spurs Preview
ESPN LA Clippers Feed
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Notes: Hawes Update, Lineup Mixes, Tough Schedule, More
Rowan Kavner
Clipper Blog
Last Call: Los Angeles Clipper 106, Milwaukee Bucks 102
Buzzer Reaction Milwaukee Bucks 102 Final Recap| Box score 106 Los Angeles Clippers   MVP: Chris Paul had a bad Saturday night in Milwaukee last week, scoring only ten points on 15 shots and turning the ball over six times. Tonight, he outscored the Bucks at the free throw line by himself 11-8 on his way to a game-high 27 points and nine assists, while turning the ball over only twice. That was … tight: Neither team had a ten-point lead at any point in this game, and the game was tied with just under 90 seconds remaining. The Clippers grabbing four of the last five available rebounds of this game helped them put the game away. X factor: The Bucks need guys to step up now that rookie forward Jabari Parker is out for the season, and they got a great night from Jared Dudley, who was traded from the Clippers this offseason. On a night where Matt Barnes went scoreless, Dudley had 16 points, eight rebounds, and three assists off the bench. – Law Murray Tweet(s) Of The Game All the West teams should watch the defensive game plan Kidd has crafted in defending CP3. — Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob) December 21, 2014 When it’s Zaza Pachulia and Baby Davis in a jump ball situation, do they just call it a “ball”? — Kevin Arnovitz (@kevinarnovitz) December 21, 2014 I turned on the Bucks game literally as Blake Griffin was dunking, which is probably a regular occurrence for those who watch LAC games. — Jeremy Schmidt (@Bucksketball) December 21, 2014 Check Your Messages Eye-motional Test Through one quarter, the Clippers led by only four points. But if you took away the scoreboard — you know, watched the game — you could feel the distinct cadence of the two rosters’ identity shine through. The Clippers were frenetic, frantic even; with syncopated shouts and disjointed movements that are ripe with expressions of energy and intent, but little in composure. The Bucks? Things would break down constantly for them. A cross-screen would lead to a post-entry that yields nothing. A skip pass would be thrown late and the Clippers defense would reset with ease. Yet time and again the shot-clock would tick and a Buck would would have to make something happen. Maybe Milwaukee is simply comfortable with the smooth drawl of “whatever happens, happens.” But the the team that should contend embodied all the nervous stutter while the franchise under construction put on its hardhat with a shrug and a swagger. - Andrew Han Technically Speaking I can’t stand teams that lack emotional maturity. Doc Rivers warned that his team needed to chill with the technical fouls going into the season, as they cost you points in the short-term and calls in the long-term. Friday night, the Clippers were dinged with a maddening seven technical fouls, a ridiculous number in a three-point road loss. My first observation going into this game? Joey Crawford was the lead official tonight in Staples Center. Oh snap. Only, the Clippers kept their heads tonight. In a game that had to have been physically exhausting for the Clippers after playing in Denver the night before, the team kept their emotional poise, as there were no technical fouls called. Combine that with only two second-half turnovers against an impressive, disruptive Milwaukee defense, and tonight’s four-point win was a small mark of team growth going into next week’s road back-to-back. - Law Murray
Clips Nation
Clippers Outlast Bucks, 106-102

You can question their execution, but not their effort. Tonight, the Clippers willed themselves past the Bucks.

Chris Paul stood with his hands on his knees, then his hips. He made his first of two free throws to even the score at 99, then let his head and shoulders sink and his arms swing freely, taking the briefest moment to relax and save energy before snapping up to make the next one. Tonight, his Clippers were unable to find a championship-caliber level of execution, but that didn't prevent them from mustering championship-level effort.

This was a game you could forgive them for having lost. Last night, 1,000 miles away and 5,000 feet higher, Paul played 39 minutes. Blake Griffin played 41. DeAndre Jordan 43. Their tired legs manifested themselves in some short jumpers and an early rebounding deficit, but the Clippers stars, with a big assist from J.J. Redick, fought their way to an important win.

The 6'0" Paul was the biggest of Doc Rivers' big three, scoring a game-high 27 and wreaking havoc all over the defensive end. There are some who are fond of saying that, with Michael Jordan as the archetype, one measure of an elite player is his propensity to will his team to victory in those less interesting matchups during the doldrums of the season. With contests against San Antonio, Atlanta, and Golden State approaching, this was an opportunity that Paul was determined not to give away. After being abused on the low block by Kendall Marshall, he fronted. After being forced into early turnovers by Milwaukee's stunting defense, he adjusted. He boxed out Zaza Pachulia, nearly one foot and 100 pounds his physical superior, for a critical offensive rebound. He spun and contorted into baskets. In short, he got the job done.

A lot of Clippers got the job done. Blake started the scoring with an aggressiveness that has been missing at times this season, punishing overmatched rookie Johnny O'Bryant III, who has been forced into the starting lineup by Jabari Parker's season-ending injury. When the aggressiveness turned into foul trouble, Blake adjusted and unveiled one of his best passing games of the season. And in the fourth quarter, he attacked the boards, most notably when he put back a missed Paul jumper to push the lead to four with just a handful of seconds remaining. (Although, it certainly helped that Bucks Head Coach Jason Kidd, who has otherwise impressed by getting this team to .500, kept starting C Larry Sanders on the bench for the game's biggest defensive possession, forcing 6'3" Brandon Knight into a futile box-out attempt. Poor Knight has been embarrassed by Blake and almost literally killed by DeAndre.)

It's to Paul and Griffin's credit that it's taken me almost 400 words to come back around to J.J.Redick, who made five of eight three-pointers en route to 23 points. J.J. was white-hot and roasted O.J. Mayo right out of the game. He made shots off screens, off the dribble, and in transition. He even got mad when he was open and no one passed him the ball. J.J. may be learning that good things happen when he plays a little selfishly.

As for the Bucks, we knew they were long and athletic, but no one warned us they could be so polished. Sure, they ran themselves into occasional trouble, but they showed patience and precision that they simply shouldn't possess yet. 20-year-old swingman Giannis Antetokounmpo is a surgeon in transition -- a surgeon with a 7'4" wingspan and bounce for days. Jared Dudley, formerly known as Disappointing Clipper Jared Dudley, ably defended the more physical Griffin while passing and shooting his way to a +11 rating for the game, tops on his team.

The list of Milwaukee contributors is enviable: Khris Middleton showed his shooting touch; Kendall Marshall showed his court vision; Jerryd Bayless showed his best Jamal Crawford impression. All told, six Bucks finished with double-digits in the scoring column, and four of them began the game on the bench.

What a crazy concept this bench scoring thing is. Tonight was just another chapter in the developing story titled "How the Clippers Bench Gave Away the Lead". Fortunately, for one quiet Saturday night in December, it wasn't the main plot. Tonight, the Clippers got the job done.

Some other (mostly serious) things I noticed:

  • Are there any remaining Blake-haters? Does anyone still think Blake is a one-dimensional gimmick player? If there are, and if for some reason they happen upon this piece, then take heed: power forwards do not pass like Blake Griffin does. I've been harsh on Blake's defense this season, but my goodness has his offense continued to improve. His vision and decisiveness have come to such a point that the ball barely touches his hands before he's softly guiding it to a Redick jumper or DeAndre dunk. It's beautiful enough to make this long-suffering Clipper fan tear up. Sigh, moving on...
  • We all agree that the Clippers' bench unit has been a 27-game tire fire. Well, here's another tire: the most frequently-used bench group (Farmar, Crawford, Turkoglu, Davis, Hawes) has an offensive rebound rate of just 11.1%. If that were representative of the whole team, it would be dead last in the NBA by an astounding 9.8%. You put a lot of pressure on yourself to score efficiently when you only get one chance to do it. This writer's (temporary) solution? Less Glen Davis, more Ekpe Udoh.
Clips Nation
Mid-Season Pick Up Possibilities

The Clippers are looking to plug some holes in their roster. Last season brought Big Baby and Danny Granger. Fighting the hard cap, how much financial flexibility do the Clippers have this season to add players?

The Clippers started last season with their primary back up big men being Antawn Jamsion and Byron Mullens, both of whom are no longer playing in the Association. With Jared Dudley having an uninspiring first half and being relegated to the bench, the Clippers were able to reload mid-season by picking up former All Star Danny Granger and Glen "Big Baby" Davis. For the first time ever, the Clippers were the destination franchise for the two preeminent buyouts during the season.

This season, many fans are hoping for another mid-season pick up or two in order to try and solve of the Clippers' biggest holes: lack of perimeter defense and a dysfunctional bench. With Andrei Kirilenko already having been waived by the 76ers, and many other aged veterans waiting to be signed, Ray Allen and Jermaine O'Neal specifically, you can expect the Clippers to be continually linked. With the Clippers pressed up against the hard cap, let's look at how many financial bullets the Clippers have in the chamber to fire at February free agents.

The Clippers currently are carrying a full roster of 15 players, with 14 contracts guaranteed and only 1 contract non-guaranteed, the training-camp invitation of Jared Cunningham. All unguaranteed contracts become guaranteed on January 10th in the NBA, so the Clippers would need to cut Cunnigham before then, typically by January 7th to clear waivers, in order to save money and open up a roster spot.

This season the Clippers have $79,125,501 million in guaranteed money not including Cunningham's salary (salaries via basketballinsiders). The hard cap is 4 million above the luxury tax at 80,829,000 million, and is a limit the team can't exceed under any means. If the Clippers were to cut Cunningham on January 7th, some of his money would count toward their cap, for the days he's been a part of team, but the rest would be discounted. Thus if the Clippers cut Cunningham by January 7th, instead of 915,243 being added to their cap, only 387,633 would be. This would put the Clippers salary for the season at 79,513,134.

At 79,513,134, the Clippers would still be underneath the apron having 1,315,866 million in wiggle room. This means that the Clippers could conceivably still sign multiple free agents in the middle of the season. The deadline for playoff eligibility is March 1st, so any other players the Clippers could sign would have to be on the roster, or have been waived before March 1st (or have played overseas). Thus lets just take February 28th as the cut off day for purposes of a pro-rated salary. Signing a veteran like Ray Allen from February 28th until the end of the season would mean adding 253,038 in salary. (The way pro-rated salaries work is by taking the amount of days in the season 170, and taking the amount of days till the end of the season say 47, and then taking the fraction 47/170 and multiplying it times the minimum salary 915,243).

The Clippers could conceivably sign five different players during the season

With 1,315,866 in room in the Clippers cut Cunningham by January 7th, the Clippers could conceivably sign five different players during the season on February 28th. This means that the Clippers could potentially add Ray Allen, Andrei Kirilenko, Jermaine O'Neal, and two other players to their roster if they deem all those moves to be upgrades over current players. Five possible players! I was surprised the Clippers still have that much salary capacity. Since everyone but Cunningham is guaranteed, the team would have to waive some players with guaranteed contracts in order to open up the necessary roster spots; waiving someone like Udoh in order to sign say O'Neal means that Udoh would still be paid for the entire season, he would just not be on the roster.

Barring any trades to the current roster and just looking at in-season additions, the Clippers have plenty of financial flexibility in order to sign veterans to their roster. Kirilenko could definitely help the team. So could Allen and O'Neal as well as the number of buyout players that happen every season. Doc has said he would be interested in Allen as well as O'Neal, remarking we should "Count [him] in for everybody." Ultimately the Clippers will not sign 5 new players to the roster mid-season, but it's nice to know they have plenty of breathing room to tinker. The Clippers have the finances, need, and championship aspirations in order to attract players to come join the team, it will just depend on if GM Doc can make the right decisions.

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Clippers stop by Staples Center for a win over Bucks
Nobody could blame the Clippers on Saturday night if they felt a little out of place on their home court.
LATimes Clipper News
Clippers win seventh straight home game, defeating Milwaukee, 106-102
The Clippers won their seventh consecutive home game, beating the Milwaukee Bucks, 106-102, on Saturday evening. RSS
Defense Steps Up Late In 106-102 Win Vs. Bucks
Rowan Kavner
LA Daily News
Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers still not happy about all the technicals called on his team Friday

The Clippers on Saturday returned home to take on the Milwaukee Bucks. It's typically a happy time when a team is back home, but suffice it to say the Clippers were probably stewing about being called for seven technical fouls Friday night in a 109-106 loss at Denver - five during the fourth quarter.