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Clips Waive Delfino And Raduljica
trapp76 » 08/29/14 » 11:39am
22 nuraman00
09/1/14 » 9:52am
Clips To Sign Turkoglu
JGlanton » 08/31/14 » 8:26pm
6 Griffin5
09/1/14 » 8:51am
Want Ray-Ray?
Haro_78 » 08/31/14 » 1:40am
9 WindsorUK
08/31/14 » 4:44pm
Who are your 3 favorite players on Clips team right now? Who is your least?
MassClip » 08/26/14 » 11:41am
10 clippedfan
08/31/14 » 11:49am
New Clippers
ClipperSisyphus » 08/30/14 » 7:11am
3 Griffin5
08/31/14 » 11:37am
Is it me or is CP3 a bit heavy?
jnhuashopper » 08/29/14 » 11:22pm
5 JGlanton
08/31/14 » 10:21am
OT: 9 year old kills shooting instructor with Uzi
nuraman00 » 08/29/14 » 8:57pm
1 Haro_78
08/31/14 » 1:35am
Dudley traded to Milwaukee
NewportBeachCli... » 08/26/14 » 12:03pm (Page: 1, 2, 3, 4)
91 Haro_78
08/31/14 » 1:27am
The neverending story!
clipfan88 » 08/22/14 » 6:46am
8 Haro_78
08/31/14 » 1:12am
Insider article request.
nuraman00 » 08/26/14 » 10:45am
1 nuraman00
08/30/14 » 1:24pm
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LA Clippers next two moves
The Los Angeles Clippers increased their room under the 2014-15 hard cap on Friday when the released swingman Carlos Delfino and center Miroslav Radul...
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[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Hedo Turkoglu & Chris Douglas-Roberts appear headed to the Clippers
... ers such as Chris Douglas-Roberts would be a much better fit but news is the Clippers might be on the verge of signing him too. I completely get the signing of Do ...
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Clippers close to bringing back Hedo Turkoglu

With some new found space under the hard cap and roster spots to fill, the Clippers will probably sign three players before the start of training camp. It looks like Hedo Turkoglu will return to take one of those spots.

When the Los Angeles Clippers traded Jared Dudley for Carlos Delfino and Miroslav Raduljica and then turned around and waived their new acquisitions all within a matter of days last week, it left them with two things: roster spots to fill, and enough money to fill them.

It shouldn't really come as a surprise then if one of those spots goes to Hedo Turkoglu, who joined the team last January and spent a good quarter of the season as the team's first big off the bench. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Turkoglu and the Clippers are close to a one year veteran's minimum deal (the only kind of deal the Clippers can sign at this point). The deal would pay $1.4M to the Turkish player, although the cap hit would only be $915K.

Turkoglu wasn't great last season for the Clippers by any means -- but he really wasn't half bad. He did one thing incredibly well, making 22 out of 50 three pointers He also did at least one other thing much better than expected, averaging 8.2 rebounds per 36 minutes, far and away the best per minute rebounding of his career.

The bad news? Well, for one thing, Turkoglu averaged those numbers in a relatively small sample size of minutes, so it's entirely possible and statistically likely that they are simply outliers and not at all what we should expect moving forward. Also, while he was making 44 percent of his three balls, he was only making 34 percent of his twos, which is just weird. Oh, and 8.2 rebounds per 36 is not particularly good for a power forward, even if it is better than he's ever done before.

And I guess that''s the other bad news; Turkoglu's not a three -- not any more at any rate. The Clippers are thinnest at the three right now, and despite the fact that he played there most of his career, Turkoglu played exclusively at the four for the Clippers last season, and that's where he'll play this season as well. He's just not quick enough to play the three. Maybe in a pinch you can have him and Griffin and another big on the court together, but only if Griffin is going to defend the wing.

On the other hand, the Clippers' big rotation could be a whole lot of fun on offense. My favorite part of Spencer Hawes' game has always been his passing -- he's a terrific distributor from center. And of course Hedo is a wonderful playmaker in general and passer specifically. In Griffin, Hawes and Turkoglu the Clippers have three bigs who can throw lobs to go with two of the best players in the league at finishing them. The high-low, big-to-big passing this season could yield a lot of highlight footage.

Without Turkoglu, the Clippers' roster stands at 11. They are required to carry 13 contracts, and will probably want to take 14 contracts into camp in order to take advantage of an obscure rule that allows teams with 14 contracts to sign additional "camp contracts" that limit their obligations in the event of a camp injury. So with three roster spots to fill (they don't have to be guaranteed), Turkoglu isn't much of a surprise; there's not a lot of names out there.

Hedo is 35 years old, so it remains to be seen how much he has left in the tank. Then again, it's not as if his game was ever predicated on speed and quickness and athleticism. He was always one of the most skilled 6'10 players in the league, and those skills don't just disappear. As of now, it looks like he'd be the fifth big -- which tells you how much deeper the Clippers' front court is, at least at the start of the season. When he joined the team last January, he immediately became the best big off the bench. This time, from the get go, the Clippers should have three players off the bench better than any one they had last season.

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USA-Turkey: brief preview and open thread

After a blowout win over Finland yesterday, the USA will take on Omer Asik and Turkey today in the FIBA World Cup in Spain.

So Team USA opened their FIBA World Cup in Spain yesterday with a ... convincing ... yeah, we'll go with convincing ... win over Finland. They held the Finns without a field goal in the second quarter, led 60-18 at halftime, and cruised to a 114-55 win. Coach K broke with his own tradition and brought a big team -- and his bigs combined to make 19 of 23 shots, including 17 points from Anthony Davis. Klay Thompson made 7-10 himself to lead the US with 18. It's a good thing Steph Curry missed all five of his three pointers or this one might have gotten out of hand.

The pool play games won't all be that easy for the US -- and then again, maybe they will. Today's opponent, Turkey, made it to the Finals against Team USA four years ago, but (a) this game isn't being played in Istanbul and (b) this isn't the same Turkey team. The likes of Ersan Ilaysova, Enes Kanter and erstwhile Clipper Hedo Turkoglu aren't with the team, leaving them short on star power and playmaking. Basically, they're big (led by Omer Asik) and they can shoot. But they can't play with this USA Team.

As a side note, it's probably your best chance to see Aldemir Furkan, a Clippers second round draft pick from a few seasons back. Furkan's draft rights were traded to Houston in the Lamar Odom deal, and he may or may not ever come over to the NBA, but if you curious as to what might have been, there's that.

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[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Report: Clippers expected to enter race for Ray Allen
... s three-point shooting is still an interesting draw for teams–especially the Clippers who ranked 22nd in three-point percentage (.352%) last season, but it makes ...
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[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Report: Toure Murry agrees to deal with Utah Jazz
... 26, 2014 According to the New York Post, Toure Murry drew interest from the Clippers and several other teams in early August. The Clippers haven’t made it known ...
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[Fansided: Fully Clips] - NBA Free Agency 2014: Clippers could be bringing back… Hedo Turkoglu
... on a target for vet’s minimum? 8/6 - Report: Emeka Okafor to NOT workout for Clippers It’d be counterproductive to release Delfino and Raduljica, only to sign Tur ...
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USA-Finland: Brief preview and game thread

Team USA opens their FIBA World Cup campaign today against Finland. This team is much bigger than recent editions of Team USA, but they'll feature a guard heavy attack.

Usually I'm all up in international competitions and Team USA, but it's been a busy August for me and I haven't been able to obsess over it as I normally would. But the inaugural FIBA World Cup (inaugural because in years past it has been called the World Championship) is under way, and the US opens their competition today against Finland.

The composition of this Team USA is very different than at any other time under Coach Mike Krzyzewski. Coach K has always played small, admittedly with players who aren't exactly small, but simply incredibly skilled for their size. So LeBron James and Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony all have plenty of size to play at power forward, but the skillsets of small forwards.

With so many players opting out of Team USA duty this summer (some like James and Anthony and Chris Paul who long ago prioritized the Olympics over the World Cup, others like Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Kevin Durant and the injured Paul George who were expected to be on this team), Coach K just doesn't have the mega-freak players around whom he has built his roster in the past.

With those options not available to him, Krzyzewski has gone with a somewhat more traditional roster -- if one that is still guard heavy. The US took one true center (Tyson Chandler) and two power forwards (Anthony Davis and Kevin Love) to the Olympics in London two years ago. This time around Coach K still has Davis, along with DeMarcus Cousins, Andre Drummond, Mason Plumlee and Kenneth Faried. The decision to go big is somewhat situational: this is not a terribly strong field for the World Cup, with the likes of Tony Parker, Joakim Noah and Manu Ginobili sitting out , and the only team that appears to be able to challenge any version of Team USA, at least on paper, is the host country Spain. Spain has incredible size and quality in their size -- with Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol and Serge Ibaka who are probably their three best players. Cousins and Drummond and Plumlee are around to deal with those guys, on the assumption that the US has little to fear from the rest of the field. Which is probably true.

If a few bigs are there to bang with the Gasols, most of the offense will still come from players under 6'5. Davis will get plenty of chances to score, and might be the most important player on the team. He'll certainly need to be on the floor a lot. But other than Davis, almost all of the shots for this team will fall to players who play in the backcourt in the NBA. James Harden, Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose and Kyrie Irving are the elite scorers on this team, and they'll have the ball in their hands most of the time. As with prior editions of Team USA, they'll put a lot of pressure on the ball, they'll score in transition as much as possible, and they'll shoot a LOT of three pointers.

They won't have any issue with Finland today, but it will be fun to watch Petteri Koponen, who remains one of the better players in the world to have never played in the NBA (he's the property of the Dallas Mavericks).

There are no Clippers in Spain for this event -- though there almost was, and I'm not referring to Paul or Griffin. Miroslav Raduljica, who was acquired on Tuesday and waived on Friday, is there with Serbia. In addition, Clippers draft pick Furkan Aldemir, who was then traded to Houston as part of the Lamar Odom deal two years ago, is part of the Turkish team.

The field is missing many established NBA stars of international heritage. There's no Parker, no Noah, no Ginobili, no Dirk Nowitzki (whose Germany team did not qualify), no Al Horford. By my math, the Gasols and Goran Dragic of Slovenia are the only NBA stars who will play for a team other than the USA. But if the established stars are missing, some future stars could still be on display. In particular, I'm excited for a chance to see Dante Exum of Australia, who will be a Utah Jazz rookie this season, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee's Greek Freak.

Today's game tips off at 12:30 Pacific on ESPN. Discuss it with your friends here.

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Rivers finds a loophole and some cap relief

The new CBA didn't intend to allow the Clippers to pay Carlos Delfino and Miroslav Raduljica one year of salary over the next five years, but that is what appears to be happening.

"It's a loophole! A loophole's a loophole!"

For some reason that line has always stuck with me. It's from the second season of Happy Days, when Richie made out with the Fonz's girl, and Fonzie found out and knew he had to beat Richie up to maintain his status in the gang, but he didn't really want to beat Richie up. He figured out a way to NOT punch Richie, and even though it didn't make much sense, he still insisted "A loophole's a loophole." It all turns out fine in the end, when Richie accidentally gets hit in the eye by the door of the bathroom stall -- the gang thinks Fonzie punched him so they all still fear him, Richie and Fonzie know the truth, that they're really BFFs and soon the Fonz will be moving into the apartment over the garage and jumping sharks.

And speaking of which, a tangent from a tangent, Happy Days as a series "jumped the shark" long before Fonzie donned water skis at the beginning of season five. The first two seasons of Happy Days were good -- making the loophole episode the next to the last good one. Perhaps the show was not great even then, but it was much better than the following seasons. Sure, I was 12, but I liked Happy Days -- and I knew in 1975 when Fonz moved into that garage apartment that the show had "jumped the shark" despite the fact that neither the idiom nor the incident that inspired it yet existed.

A loophole's a loophole! -Arthur Fonzarelli

But back to loopholes -- the Los Angeles Clippers seem to have found a gaping one in the new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. The once-and-never Clippers Carlos Delfino and Miroslav Raduljica, acquired earlier this week from Milwaukee for Jared Dudley, have now been waived using the CBA's "stretch" provision.

The intent of the stretch provision is to allow teams to spread their cap hit on waived players over a longer period of time, giving teams an additional tool for getting some cap relief without taking any money away from guaranteed contracts. The CBA says that the remaining salary can be stretched over the remaining contract years, doubled, plus one year. So one contract year can be paid out over three, two contract years paid over five, three over seven, etc.

Yet somehow, the Clippers are managing to pay one year of salary over five years.

As it happens, the wording in the CBA allows them to include unguaranteed seasons in the duration calculation, without including the actual money. So Carlos Delfino is owed $3.25M this year and another $3.25M next year, but that second season is unguaranteed. By waiving him, they are paying out just $3.25M (since the unguaranteed money depended on him not being waived) but the NBA is allowing the Clippers to count it as a two year contract. The same applies for Raduljica, who likewise has a second year of unguaranteed money.

A loophole's a loophole!

Here's the bottom line for the Clippers: they have turned Jared Dudley's $4.25M contract obligation for this season AND next season (an obligation that included some bonuses that could have taken him to $4.75M) into $950K over five seasons -- a drop in the bucket. That $950K could conceivably be a tad annoying in 2017 -- but probably not. And the extra three million plus this season and next season is going to come in real handy.

The team now has 11 players under contract, and by my math they sit about $4.45M below the hard cap imposed on them this season. They have various imperatives and incentives to sign additional players -- they are required to have 13 players under contract during the season, they will probably want to take 14 contracts into training camp because of a technicality with camp roster spots -- but they can only sign minimum deals at this point. The cap hit for any minimum deal, regardless of the actual salary for the player which can vary by years of service, is $915K. So the Clippers have the space under the hard cap and the available roster spots to sign four more players, if they want to.

They also have the flexibility to bring back additional salary in a trade -- and they have a couple of trade chips in Matt Barnes' expiring deal and Jamal Crawford's partially guaranteed deal.

Which brings us to basketball -- lost in these salary cap machinations is the fact that Jared Dudley was brought to the team to start at small forward. The three wound up being the team's weak spot last season, and it has not gotten stronger since (barring a sophomore season leap forward by Reggie Bullock). I'm relatively comfortable with Matt Barnes being the fifth best starter on a championship team -- after all, you can't have superstars at every position, and one of the spots has to be the weakest -- but there's barely any depth behind him, not to mention that I wouldn't say no to an upgrade, particularly on the defensive end.

As of now, Bullock is the backup small forward, a role he may or may not be ready for. And as of now, there aren't any true small forwards on the radar, at least not anyone better than Chris Douglas-Roberts. Doc will almost certainly play small a LOT this season, with Jamal Crawford and maybe even J.J. Redick playing some three -- but that's not a sustainable solution.

The Clippers will take at least 14 players under contract into camp, and my guess is that they will take 13 or 14 into the season. If they can pick up some assets on unguaranteed deals -- a la Stephen Jackson last season -- that would be ideal, as they could always flip those guys. Then they'll hold onto the final $1.5M of room under the hard cap, and see what shakes out at the trade deadline. My guess is that Rivers will try to turn some combination of expiring deals (Barnes and Crawford) and/or young assets (Bullock and rookie C.J. Miles) into what would hopefully be a major upgrade at the small forward position. Will such a player hit the market in February? We'll have to wait and see.

ESPN LA Clippers Feed
San Antonio Spurs join race to sign Ray Allen
The San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers are the latest elite teams to join the race to sign Ray Allen, has learned.