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Time to get creative and drop Barnes
babyradar01 » 10/20/14 » 3:10pm
7 Mistwell
10/20/14 » 10:15pm
Kobe Bryant Calls ESPN Idiots for Ranking Him 40th
Mistwell » 10/17/14 » 2:02pm
11 trapp76
10/20/14 » 10:12pm
Clippers At Nuggets
JGlanton » 10/18/14 » 6:47pm
19 V-Ice
10/20/14 » 7:21pm
Do you or someone you know play fantasy sports?
clipfan88 » 10/19/14 » 9:21am
12 Hitnrun24
10/20/14 » 5:32pm
OT: clippers fan Fantasy league has been renewed for its 9th Season
Rhy1244 » 10/14/14 » 10:12am (Page: 1, 2, 3)
64 nuraman00
10/20/14 » 2:30pm
Chris Paul trade w Orleans
V-Ice » 10/18/14 » 3:57pm
14 Hitnrun24
10/20/14 » 11:57am
who will have a better season?
clipfan88 » 10/19/14 » 2:58pm
6 nuraman00
10/20/14 » 9:58am
Must Read Blake Article
trapp76 » 10/16/14 » 11:06am
10 playwitheart
10/18/14 » 6:25pm
CDR starts tonight and Ingles tomorrow.
vicrattlehead » 10/17/14 » 6:18pm
15 clipsentuboca
10/18/14 » 10:09am
What does everyone think of the latest changes?
nuraman00 » 09/12/14 » 8:20am
22 nuraman00
10/18/14 » 9:08am
LATimes Clipper News
Clippers' Chris Douglas-Roberts is medium-cool with his short-shorts
The details were worked out, the contract signed for one year and the veteran's minimum. Chris Douglas-Roberts was a Clipper.
LATimes Clipper News
Ex-Clippers owner Donald Sterling withdraws lawsuit against NBA, wife
Donald Sterling has withdrawn his lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court that accused his wife, Shelly, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the league of fraud in the sale of the Clippers.
Clips Nation
The Daily Clipper — Vegas, Fights, and Angry Jazz Fans!

After another exciting Clipper weekend, we're back to rehash what you missed, and what Matt Barnes missed.

It was an interesting weekend for Clipper fans. Vegas! Booker! Preseason! And most importantly, a win! You read that right, the Utah Jazz were kind enough to lend a win to the Clippers after whipping them last week. The Los Angeles Times has five takeaways from the game.

That game, of course, also featured an intense albeit brief-lived scuffle between agitator Trevor Booker and Golden Boy Blake Griffin. Our Flyin' Lion pulled a page out of Serge Ibaka's book and decided that enough was enough. He sent out a warning to any other adversaries who might try to pull cheap shots in the future.

Utah fans were not pleased by what they perceived to be more churlish antics from the slippery, two-faced vermin that is Blake Griffin. Usually excellent writer AllThatAmar took to the blogosphere to pen a criticism of the "Fake Tough Guy" Clippers that may or may not be tongue-in-cheek:

Really, you gotta get your whole squad to come in after a dude tries to wrap your arms up on a layup? OOooh, you badd. They dunk a lot, and talk all game long, but these are some real tough guys.

Having a hissy fit over a poorly timed wrap around foul on a layup -- in the preseason -- makes you look like a spoiled only child who didn't get a toy when invited to someone else's birthday party. But who better to represent the LA Clippers, the "Fake Tough Guy" team of 2014-2015?

Early candidate for Goat of the Week right here, folks.

After that tussle, and an ensuing nailbiter win, you had to imagine the team wouldn't look the same in their Vegas SEGABABA against the Nuggets. That loss also had sportswriters bemoaning the team — but to be fair to them, even the team itself is a little concerned about their defense.

Big Baby turned it up in Vegas afterwards, despite a nagging groin injury that'll sideline him for a while. The rest of the team also enjoyed their night out on the town (partying after a humiliating loss? Despicable):

In addition to Big Baby getting on the mic, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin made rookie C.J. Wilcox show off his moves in the middle of the dance floor while the team cheered him on. They also tried to embarrass teammate J.J. Redick by having his name displayed on the LED screen and the DJ shout him out. The group of players, which also included Reggie Bullock, Jordan Farmar, Matt Barnes, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Spencer Hawes and Hedo Turkoglu, partied and danced late into the night.

Now to more pressing news — Reggie Bullock is ready to take the next step. Meanwhile, Ben Bolch has an excellent piece on Jamal Crawford's midnight bachelor party basketball bonanza:

Even the participants were struck by the absurdity of a game that lasted until nearly 3 a.m. "Jamal is probably the only person in the world that had a pickup game the night before his wedding at midnight," Barnes said. It's totally in character for someone who steadfastly carried his basketball onto planes as a youngster and was recently mesmerized by weekend warriors playing their own pickup game at L.A. Fitness even though he's spent 14 seasons in the NBA.

Somehow, Crawford managed to stay awake later that day for the wedding at his waterfront home. "I was tired, but I was almost more charged up," Crawford said. "I was like, 'Can you believe this night actually happened like this?'"

Crawford also recently was featured in a Ballislife documentary focusing on his journey and relationship with Seattle.

Let's finish today with some interesting features from around SB Nation and the NBA. Tom Ziller had an excellent argument in favor of the Warriors' prospects heading forward (which I'm sure will be greeted with mixed sentiments here). Meanwhile, I'm sure you've already heard about Henry Abbott's epic takedown of Kobe Bryant and his presence submarining the Los Angeles Lakers as they ride out his twilight years.

From last week, the always outstanding Seth Partnow outlined a new way to categorize point guards offensively based on several categories. It's an excellent read for anyone who has the time.

More tangentially, the Clippers were mentioned in the Lane Report as part of an article on how businesses are valuated, for anyone whose fancy might be tickled by that.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal has a wonderful interview with the NBA's CMO, Pam El, who believes that she can help the NBA become as popular as the NFL. This is my other must-read recommendation of the day.

That'll be it for today's Daily Clipper, we'll probably have a lot more on previews and power rankings tomorrow.

LATimes Clipper News
Clippers rank No. 8 in NBA in highest ticket prices, report says
The median price of Clippers home tickets are the eighth most expensive in the league at $115, according to a report by Vivid Seats.
LA Daily News
Add turnovers to Clippers' problems during exhibition season

The Clippers have had trouble in several areas during what so far has been a rather unsatisfying exhibition season.

They haven't defended well, they haven't shot well, they haven't rebounded well. In addition, they are turning the ball over too much.

The Clippers this past season averaged 13. RSS
Injury Report: Clippers Get Douglas-Roberts Back At Practice
SAN FRANCISCO - Forward Chris Douglas-Roberts returned to practice Monday and should be available Tuesday when the Clipp
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[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Jordan Farmar injured back against Denver Nuggets
... d this offseason FanSided Clippers to open preseason with a STAPLES visit from Golden State Warriors LA Sports ...
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Sick of hard fouls, Clippers' Blake Griffin says he might lose his cool
The hard fouls and the constant pounding inside the paint have finally caught up to Clippers' star power forward Blake Griffin.
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NBA Lockdown Preview Special with Jorge Sedano
Jorge Sedano looks ahead to the upcoming NBA season with Bruce Bowen, Cari Champion, Amin Elhassan, Jeff Goodman, Israel Gutierrez, Tom Haberstroh and...
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V. Stiviano's lawsuit against Shelly Sterling dismissed
A judge reversed course Monday and dismissed a defamation lawsuit by Donald Sterling's mistress against the estranged wife of the former Los Angeles Clippers owner.