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Dudley traded to Milwaukee
NewportBeachCli... » 08/26/14 » 12:03pm (Page: 1, 2)
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Who are your 3 favorite players on Clips team right now? Who is your least?
MassClip » 08/26/14 » 11:41am
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Suns Asking For Julius Randle and 1st Rounder for Bledsoe
gilp5 » 08/21/14 » 10:18pm (Page: 1, 2, 3)
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08/26/14 » 7:16pm
Insider article request.
nuraman00 » 08/26/14 » 10:45am
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What Can Ballmer Do?
Kerley » 08/20/14 » 1:42pm
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08/25/14 » 2:03am
Big Baby At Nightclub When Suge Knight Shot
JGlanton » 08/24/14 » 1:33pm
08/24/14 » 1:33pm
Jimbo: RE: Franziskaner.
nuraman00 » 08/10/14 » 2:49pm
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Summertime TV and Movie Viewing Thread
ClipperSisyphus » 06/1/14 » 2:08pm (Page: 1, 2, 3, 4)
109 SamIAm19
08/23/14 » 6:12pm
FIBA nationality rules.
nuraman00 » 08/16/14 » 12:35pm
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08/23/14 » 1:40pm
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[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Amick: Miroslav Raduljica is buyout candidate for LA
... g someone out in a trade. By waiving Delfino with the stretch provision, the Clippers create enough cap space to add two additional bodies at the veterans minimum ...
ESPN LA Clippers Feed
Bucks roster set for 2014-15?
The Milwaukee Bucks had 17 players under contract when Tuesday began, but during the day they completed a trade with the Los Angeles Clippers and now ...
ESPN LA Clippers Feed
Clippers to stretch Carlos Delfino?
The Los Angeles Clippers had been in a tight spot for several weeks as they were operating very close to their hard salary cap for the upcoming season...
Clipper Blog
Clippers Deal Dudley, Add Raduljica
On Tuesday, the Clippers traded Jared Dudley and a 2017 lottery-protected first-round pick to the Milwaukee Bucks for Carlos Delfino, Miroslav Raduljica and their own 2015 second-round pick. The immediate autopsy on the deal suggested Delfino would be waived via the “Stretch Provision.” By stretching Delfino’s $3.25 million guaranteed contract over the next three years (at just under $1.1m per season), the Clips can realize some much needed breathing room under the hard cap of $81M imposed by signings Spencer Hawes to a full mid-level contract. Murmurs that Raduljica would also be waived have snuck into some reports. However, Raduljica is unlikely to be waived. First of all he’s a big body on a reasonable contract, filling a position of need. More importantly, the trade would be completely nonsensical if the intent were to waive Raduljica. ClipperBlog managing editor Andrew Han explains: Say what you will, but there’s no practical reason why Raduljica would be waived. The Clippers actually added $500K in salary (really only $250K because of Dudley’s bonus structure) and if the intent was to waive or “stretch” all incoming salary, Los Angeles would have been better off simply stretching Dudley’s contract. In fact, stretching Dudley would have turned his $4.25M salary into five years at $1.7M, giving the Clippers enough space under the hard cap to sign four players at the veteran’s minimum contract this season. Stretching Delfino turns his $3.25M salary into three years at $1.083M, giving the Clippers enough space this year to sign three players at the veteran’s minimum contract. If they decided to stretch Raduljica as well? Well, his $1.5M contract would turn into $500K for the next three seasons. Combined with Delfino, the Clippers would be on the hook for $1.583M. Waiving Raduljica along with Delfino via the Stretch Provision would save the Clippers approximately $117K a season vs. simply using the same method on Dudley. A first-round pick to save $117K in cap space and an additional $3.75M in payroll sounds steep, doesn’t it? Especially so in the wake of Steve Ballmer assuming control of the franchise. It’s therefore logical to conclude that Miroslav Raduljica is an asset, either on the court or in a trade at a later date. Anything else and alarm bells should be sounding in everyone’s heads. Hard to argue with the boss much on that front. So, Raduljica is probably here to stay. What to make of the big Serbian? First things first, he’s really big. 7-foot and 250 pounds, though whatever scale used to produce that latter figure might be in need of a re-calibration, because he’s really quite large. Second, he didn’t play all that much for Milwaukee during his rookie year, totaling 465 minutes across 48 appearances. However, when he did play, he was surprisingly productive, averaging 14 points and 8.4 rebounds per 36 minutes, while shooting a hefty 54-percent from the field and 81.8% from the line. He carried an above average PER at 15.3 and his free throw accuracy helped push his True Shooting percentage above 60-percent, extremely efficient territory. He was an especially effective offensive rebounder in his limited action. More surprising was how well he appears to have defended the rim, considering his somewhat lumbering style. Raduljica held opponents to sub 40-percent shooting at the rim, and his overall SportVU-based rim protection was eighth among all NBA big men on a per minute basis narrowly edging out teammate and shot blocker extraordinaire Larry Sanders. Overall, Bucks opponents shot only 52.9-percent at the rim with Raduljica on the floor as opposed to 58.9-percent overall. No Bucks player had a positive overall plus/minus, but Raduljica was one of closest to even. All told, there are many indicators that he might be a serviceable NBA player, though it must be noted that ESPN’s “Real Plus Minus” metric does not like him as much, placing him 57th among all centers and implying a sub-replacement level of production. Further, he was extremely foul prone, averaging 6.5 fouls per 36 minutes. Only Alexis Ajinca and the departed but not lamented Ryan Hollins played more than 400 minutes and fouled more frequently. In any event, all the numbers are highly speculative based on Raduljica’s small sample of extremely low pressure minutes playing for a completely dysfunctional Milwaukee squad. His skillset is intriguing though. A powerful, space-eating, garbage bucket-getting backup center would not be amiss for the Clippers. If his rim protection metrics hold up at all, that represents a boon to a team which was forced to rely on Glen Davis for backup pivot minutes in the 2014 playoffs. Further, his lumbering style might prove to be a blessing in disguise. If Raduljica were to get a large number of second-unit minutes, perhaps the team would slow their pace to match his, reducing the number of possessions played while Chris Paul, Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan are resting. In addition, a number of potential playoff rivals have just the sort of physically stout big men who tend to overpower Jordan and new addition Hawes won’t be able to contain either. It’s not hard to envision Raduljica giving important minutes in a series versus the Rockets and Dwight Howard or the Grizzlie and Marc Gasol, or even the Thunder if Steven Adams takes on a larger role for OKC. Clearly, the primary goal of this trade was to clear cap space for other signings such as Epke Udoh or Chris Douglas-Roberts (two rumored targets), but adding a big man who might be able to contribute is a nice bonus to have thrown into the mix for the Clips.
Clips Nation
Dudley and a pick for Delfino and Raduljica -- Why the Clippers did it

The Clippers didn't lose much in this trade, but the didn't gain a lot either. The one thing they did gain was a little bit of flexibility.

At first glance, the Los Angeles Clippers' trade of Jared Dudley and a 2017 first round pick to the Milwaukee Bucks for Carlos Delfino and Miroslav Raduljica looks like a bit of a head scratcher. Yes, Dudley was the only significant payroll deadwood on the roster, and yes they were dangerously close to the hard cap and lacking options. But the combined salaries of Delfino and Raduljica ($4.75M) is actually MORE than Dudley's price tag ($4.25M) so it's not like the team salary went down. Furthermore, it's far from clear that Delfino and Raduljica are that much more useful -- Delfino missed all of last season with an unexpected surgery, never a good sign, and Raduljica is a project center at best. So what did the Clippers get out of it? And was it worth a first round pick.

As usual, the answer is, we'll see. But there are always reasons, and there are plenty of interesting ones here.

First of all, in a very real sense the Clippers did in fact decrease their payroll. Before the trade the Clippers had 12 players under contract, and the NBA requires that teams carry 13 contracts. So there was going to be another player signed at some point. The Clippers can only sign players for the NBA minimum of $915K, so Dudley plus unknown player 13 was actually going to cost MORE than Delfino plus Raduljica. In addition, Dudley had some incentives in his contract that would have taken his deal to $4.5M if the team makes a deep playoff run, which of course they'd like to do. This deal gets the team to the required 13 contracts more cheaply than the alternative of keeping Dudley and adding a minimum contract.  (This is all deep dive CBA stuff, but if you want even more on the pre-trade situation while Dudley was still on the payroll, you should definitely read this excellent post by a Heat blogger who loves this sort of minutiae.)

Second of all, we don't know exactly what the Clippers gave up besides Dudley, who, based on last season, was not a big loss. A first round pick three years into the future -- for a team that is expected to be very, very good for at least three years (remember that Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are both signed through 2018) -- does not have a ton of value. As Lucas Hann points out, a second round pick, who will not have a guaranteed contract, is in some ways preferable for a team in the Clippers' situation. So maybe losing the 2017 first rounder hurts -- maybe it doesn't. At least from a basketball standpoint.

(It definitely hurts from a flexibility standpoint. The Clippers lost their 2015 first rounder in order to get Doc Rivers from the Celtics, and now they've given up the 2017 pick. The Stepien Rule prevents teams from trading future first rounders in consecutive years -- which means that if the Clippers want to make any other trades involving first rounds, they'll be stretching into 2019, which is getting pretty ridiculous. Bottom line, this was their last decent "deal sweetener" pick.)

On the surface, Delfino isn't much of an upgrade over Dudley. In a way, he's kind of the player (good shooter, good teammate, decent defender) the Clippers THOUGHT that they were getting in Dudley -- but it didn't turn out that way. Delfino would be better than Dudley was last year if he's anything close to what he once was. But coming off an injury, who knows if that will be the case.

But all of that misses the point.The point of this trade for the Clippers is flexibility.

Sam Amick of USA Today reports that the team COULD decide to use the stretch provision in the CBA to waive Delfino and spread his salary out of the next three seasons. Some have asked why the Clippers wouldn't just stretch Dudley's salary if they're considering doing that for Delfino; after all, Dudley's cap hit this year is $4.25 while Delfino's is $3.25 -- not a huge difference. But Dudley has two more years left on his deal, while Delfino has just one -- so in fact the Clippers would be stretching two years into three -- saving just a third of the salary. For Delfino, they'd save two-thirds of a lower salary, so it's more worthwhile.

Going back to the minutiae of the salary cap situation, the Clippers MIGHT want to waive Delfino, stretch his salary and sign two veteran minimum players between now and the start of camp. Why? Because if you have 14 players on your roster, you can sign additional camp invitees to a special type of unguaranteed contract. With only 13, the Clippers are at risk of a Maalik Wayns type injury pushing them over the hard cap.

I personally doubt that's what they have in mind (again, we'll see) but the years remaining are still VERY significant here. When the trade deadline comes around, moving Delfino -- a single prorated year at $3.25M -- is easy. Teams will lineup to do that deal, especially since Steve Ballmer's checkbook can include up to $3M in any deal. Just as the Clippers did with Byron Mullens and Antawn Jamison last season, paying teams under the salary cap to take the final few months of an expiring deal (Delfino's contract is unguaranteed for next season, and Raduljica is in the final year of his deal as well) is relatively simple. Moving Jared Dudley and ANOTHER season at $4.25M is an entirely different matter.

In fact, the Clippers have a VERY different situation projecting forward to the trade deadline this season that they did last February. Matt Barnes, Delfino and Raduljica are all in the final year of their deals, giving the Clippers a lot of options to send out expiring deals.

So what did the Clippers get in this deal? They got some flexibility. Maybe they waive Delfino and use the stretch provision. Maybe they keep him and he proves to be useful. Maybe they move him at the trade deadline. Maybe Raduljica pans out, maybe he doesn't -- he's movable also.

LATimes Clipper News
After one disappointing season, Jared Dudley is traded by Clippers
The disappointing Jared Dudley era came to an end for the Clippers on Tuesday when they traded the veteran forward and a first-round draft pick to the Milwaukee Bucks as part of a deal that could be a precursor to additional moves.
Fully Clips
[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Rumor Report: Clippers to waive Carlos Delfino?
... n each season. With Delfino’s salary–and Miroslav Radujica–on the books, the Clippers have a salary of $80,179,772, $679,228 less than the hard cap (tax apron). I ...
Clips Nation
Clippers Flip Dudley for Delfino, Raduljica

The Clippers announced on Tuesday that they have traded Jared Dudley and their 2017 first round pick for Carlos Delfino, Miroslav Raduljica, and their own 2015 second round pick from Milwaukee.

After the trade was leaked to Yahoo! Sports earlier in the day, the Clippers PR department announced the trade shortly after 2 PM Pacific time: Jared Dudley and a 2017 first for Carlos Delfino, Miroslav Raduljica, and a 2015 second rounder.

Dudley struggled in his only season as a Clipper, and due to a tight salary situation it made sense for the team to try and get his 2-year, 8.5 million dollar deal off of the books before re-signing DeAndre Jordan next summer.

The 2017 first round pick, while an asset, also had relatively little worth.  The pick is expected to be low (the Clippers have chosen #25 and #28 the last two seasons) and a first round pick's contract is guaranteed, essentially making early second rounders more valuable than late firsts in some cases.  That pick will most likely be the Reggie Bullock or C.J. Wilcox of 2017; in other words, not a huge loss.

On the incoming side, Carlos Delfino is a solid veteran small forward who has struggled with injuries.  Contrary to the Yahoo! report, the general expectation seems to be that Delfino will play this season, and could be ready as soon as training camp.  Delfino, when healthy, brings athleticism, shooting, and experience to the table.  The 31 year old Argentinian wing is a solid shooter (36.5% career 3pt) and puts up good all-around stats (15 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists per 36 minutes in 2013).  The main question mark is Delfino's health, but if he plays then he could end up being the Clippers' starting SF.

Miroslav Raduljica is a large Serbian center who was a rookie for Milwaukee last season.  He is 26 years old and averaged 3.8 points and 2.4 rebounds in just under 10 minutes a night (14/8.4 per36).  His contract is guaranteed for this season, and unguaranteed in 2016.  If the team keeps him through the last two years of his contract, he will be eligible for restricted free agency in the summer of 2016.

We'll have more for you in the next couple of days regarding the specific financial implications of this deal, as well as Delfino's health, Raduljica's outlook, and overall analysis. RSS
Clippers Acquire Carlos Delfino and Miroslav Raduljica
The Los Angeles Clippers announced today that the team has acquired guard/forward Carlos Delfino, center Miroslav Raduljica and a 2015 se
Fully Clips
[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Clippers Trade Jared Dudley To Bucks For Delfino and Raduljica
... ared Dudley’s remaining two years and $8.5 million left on his contract, the Clippers will receive an extra  $500k in salary taking on the contracts of both Delfi ...