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trapp76 » 03/4/15 » 11:36am
19 trapp76
03/4/15 » 4:02pm
#62 - Portland Trail Blazers @ LA Clippers
JGlanton » 03/4/15 » 11:44am
7 trapp76
03/4/15 » 2:56pm
Rivers v Clipper Darryl
gilp5 » 03/3/15 » 10:08pm
12 nuraman00
03/4/15 » 12:54pm
Blake may return Sunday vs GSW
babyradar01 » 03/2/15 » 4:42pm
20 trapp76
03/4/15 » 12:35pm
OT: Better Call Saul.
nuraman00 » 02/15/15 » 6:59pm (Page: 1, 2)
44 pro100
03/4/15 » 12:25pm
We will win the West..
V-Ice » 03/3/15 » 8:29pm
16 trapp76
03/4/15 » 11:27am
nuraman00 » 03/4/15 » 10:56am
03/4/15 » 10:56am
ralph lawler would trade Blake Griffin for these guys, would you?
japkilla » 03/3/15 » 1:17am
17 CorkScrew
03/3/15 » 11:42pm
#61 - LA Clippers @ Minnesota Timberwolves
JGlanton » 03/2/15 » 12:06pm (Page: 1, 2)
84 Hitnrun24
03/3/15 » 2:38pm
Injury updates
babyradar01 » 03/3/15 » 12:16pm
2 Clippers1121
03/3/15 » 1:06pm
ESPN LA Clippers Feed
NBA - Chris Paul Owns Damian Lillard
This is the 7th time that Damian Lillard and Chris Paul have gone head-to-head, and Paul has won 5 of the 6 meetings. The Blazers and Clippers are a h... RSS
Teammates Check On Griffin, Learn From Absence
Blake Griffin has been gone but not forgotten by his teammates since his injury absence.
Clipper Blog
ClipperBlog Eats: Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza Before each home game this season, ClipperBlog will run “ClipperBlog Eats,” a restaurant recommendation from its resident restaurant reviewer, Ben Mesirow. Below is today’s suggestion: Mexican food is not new to the pages of ClipperBlog Eats – we’ve suggested everything from Baja-style fish tacos to Oaxacan moles to spinning cones of pork and tacos filled with stew – and still we have barely scratched the surface of Mexican cuisine. Here, then, is one more to add to the list: the outstanding Yucatecan specialties from Chichen Itza, located in a stall at the Mercado la Paloma, just across the 110 from Expedition Park. Yucatecan food is a wonderful and perhaps underappreciated cuisine, with heavy use of habanero, pickled onions, citrus, and achiote. The dishes at Chichen Itza, like the best Yucatecan food, are bright and citrusy and spicy, and play with the perfect balance of richness and bite. The cochinita pibil is a great example of that equilibrium, whether you get it in a taco, a torta, or as a plate with beans and rice. The pork is luxurious and tender, juice running out the side of whichever meat delivery system you choose, but the marinade of achiote, sour orange juice, and spices keeps the flavor firmly on the lighter side. When you scatter a few slices of pickled onions across the top and hit it with a dash of their excellent spicy habanero salsa you have something truly special, equal parts rich and sharp, somehow a little too spicy and a little too fatty and also totally perfect. Other dishes work more purely with bright acidity and spiciness and smoke, like the Tikin-Xic, fish marinated in lime and achiote, and the Poc Chuc, pork shoulder marinated in sour orange juice and grilled over mesquite. The Panuchos are another excellent Yucatecan specialty, a small fried tortilla filled with black beans then topped with turkey, pickled onions, and avocado. It most closely resembles a miniature tostada or Mexicali Taco’s cachetada, and an order of two makes a great appetizer or little pregame snack. Whatever you get, though, make sure to save room for an order of flan or a fried plantain for the road. 3655 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007;
LATimes Clipper News
Clippers vs. Portland Trail Blazers preview
The Clippers will host the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday after returning home from a weeklong four-game road trip, during which they went 3-1. RSS
Clippers Return Home To See Trail Blazers
Wednesday’s matchup against the Trail Blazers won’t look much like the previous two earlier this season. The Clippers (40-21) are 2-0 on the year against Portland (39-19), but this time a healthy Trail Blazers team will be visiting a Clippers squad looking to persevere through a bevy of injuries.
Clipper Blog
3-on-3: Los Angeles Clippers vs. Portland Trail Blazers
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Portland Trail Blazers Staples Center 7:30 p.m. PST March 4, 2015 FOX Prime Ticket/ ESPN Video of the Day Robin Lopez is cyclops right now.       1. How’s Arron Afflalo fitting in with Portland? Chris Lucia, Blazer’s Edge, (@ChrisLucia_BE): Afflalo’s a great fit. He replicates fairly well some of the things Wesley Matthews does — he can hit the three, score in the post and play solid defense — while also being a little more versatile with the ball. He’s a big part of the reserve unit and his scoring off the bench will be invaluable down the stretch for the Blazers. Brandon Tomyoy, (@dingyu): It’s only been four games, but the early returns on Afflalo have been promising for Portland. In fact, his 18 point outburst against the Thunder was the highest single game point total that the Blazers have gotten from a backup wing all season. He certainly seems excited to be there, as well. Patrick James, (@patrickmjames): It’s too early to tell — they’re 3-2 since making the trade, though Afflalo’s played in only four of those games. But really the move was a no-brainer for a team that has lacked depth in recent years. Much has been made of Nicolas Batum’s down year, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Blazers now have two starting caliber small forwards. 2. True or False: Portland and Los Angeles will both secure home court in the first round of the playoffs. Lucia: The Blazers should have home court because they should win the Northwest division. I’m not convinced the Clippers will pass the Warriors, Grizzlies or Rockets in the standings, especially with Griffin coming back after so long to a squad that’s done so well without him, so close to the playoffs. L.A. will be the fifth seed, at best. Tomyoy: False. There’s probably a greater chance that neither team ends up with home court in the first round of the playoffs, but if I has to choose one of these two teams to start on the road, it’s the Blazers. Portland has the tougher schedule to finish out the season, and 14 of their remaining games after tonight’s matchup are on the road, where they are only 14-13. James: False. I just don’t see it happening for both teams. Memphis and Golden State certainly aren’t going anywhere, leaving two spots for Houston, Portland, and L.A. At least one of those teams will be hopping on a plane for its first playoff game. 3. How long can the Clippers’ starters sustain the kind of minutes they’ve been playing? Lucia: Jordan, Paul and Redick are really the only ones who play seriously heavy minutes, and I get the feeling it’s because they have to. The Clippers have very little bankable depth in the frontcourt and Crawford can only play so many minutes off the bench in the backcourt. Would you rather see Austin Rivers, Jordan Hamilton, C.J. Wilcox and Dahntay Jones getting key minutes? Tomyoy: Judging by the injuries to Jamal Crawford and Matt Barnes, it’s very possible that they’re already past the breaking point. Thankfully, they have a three day break after tonight’s game to recover from some of those heavy minutes, and with murmurs that Blake Griffin could be back as early as Sunday, this may not be a concern for much longer. James: Not for long, because their bodies will break down — see Monday’s Barnes-less, Crawford-less, Griffin-less second half against Minnesota. Some good news: Jordan Hamilton looks capable of contributing off the bench. If the second unit can occasionally sustain the double digit leads it’s been giving up lately, the starters will get a bit more rest before the postseason.
ESPN LA Clippers Feed
Tonight's Blazers-Clippers matchup (10:30 p.m. ET, ESPN) features two of the NBA's top 4th-quarter scorers in Damian Lillard and Jamal Crawford. Lilla...
ESPN LA Clippers Feed
Lionsgate Entertainment chairman Mark Rachesky to bid on Atlanta Hawks
Mark Rachesky, chairman of Lionsgate Entertainment and a noted distressed asset investor, has emerged as the most recent bidder for the Atlanta Hawks, according to league sources.
Fully Clips
[Fansided: Fully Clips] - Good News! Blake Griffin likely to return next week
... not won a championship or done anything significant during his career. This Clippers team, right or wrong, isn’t in the position to receive the benefit of the do ...
ESPN LA Clippers Feed
4-point play: Trail Blazers vs. Clippers
Craig Mitchelldyer/USA TODAY SportsDamian Lillard and Chris Paul face off tonight in Los Angeles. The 4-Point Play looks at the four analytics-based s...