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Julius Randle = Sam Bowie ?
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Nash Out For The Season
JGlanton » 10/24/14 » 9:50am (Page: 1, 2)
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10/29/14 » 7:23pm
Doc as GM
ClipperSisyphus » 10/23/14 » 7:09am (Page: 1, 2, 3)
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10/29/14 » 4:11pm
Ballmer Improving Fan Experience
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Espn: experts' picks
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10/29/14 » 9:17am
I'll admit I'm a closet Laker fan
babyradar01 » 10/24/14 » 9:47am
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10/29/14 » 9:14am
Move Hawes to Starting Foward?
Mistwell » 10/27/14 » 10:05am
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10/28/14 » 8:56pm
JJ Barea Cut
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10/28/14 » 11:21am
OT: clippers fan Fantasy league has been renewed for its 9th Season
Rhy1244 » 10/14/14 » 10:12am (Page: 1, 2, 3)
82 Rhy1244
10/27/14 » 4:59pm
Ingles Waived
trapp76 » 10/25/14 » 12:11pm
16 trapp76
10/27/14 » 2:20pm
LATimes Clipper News
Clippers open season on road against Oklahoma City Thunder
Clippers tonight
Clips Nation
Clippers-Thunder game coverage

The Clippers finally play their season opener tonight against the team that eliminated them from the playoffs last season. The Thunder are missing Kevin Durant not to mention several other (less important) players.

Unlike the Los Angeles Clippers, the Oklahoma City Thunder weren't expecting a tumultuous offseason, as they stayed relatively quiet in free agency. As it turns out, they didn't get their wish, as the injury bug struck them hard over the past few weeks. Reigning MVP Kevin Durant has been sidelined for at least another month with a foot fracture, and free agent pickup Anthony Morrow is also out for a while. More recently, injuries to Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb have left them thinner than last year's Lakers as they open their season with a two game roadtrip.

After playing in Portland tonight, the Thunder will take the red-eye to Los Angeles, where they face off against the Clippers in the latter's season opener. To learn more about what's happening in the heartland, I got in touch with Kevin Yeung from Welcome to Loud City to preview tomorrow night's showdown between Western Conference rivals. You can follow him on Twitter — @KevinHFY — but be warned... he's a Grizzlies fan.

This is an ongoing conversation between the two of us that'll probably continue into Thursday afternoon, so be sure to keep an eye out and check back often for updates.

Clips Nation
Joe Ingles is an NBA player after all

The Clippers signed Australian Joe Ingles to audition for their troublesome small forward spot, but he was the final roster cut over the weekend. The Utah Jazz picked him up off waivers and he made his NBA debut tonight.

A bit under the radar (Larson had it in The Daily Clipper yesterday) the Utah Jazz picked up the most famous Australian Los Angeles Clipper of all time on Monday when Joe Ingles cleared waivers. And Ingles made his NBA debut tonight in Utah's loss to Houston, playing four minutes and missing his only shot.

Adrian Wojnarowski has a tidbit that I had not seen before, implying that the Clippers kept Jared Cunningham over Ingles because of injury worries at the point guard spot -- I guess that would be about Jordan Farmar's back -- and that they had an interest in possibly re-signing Ingles after he cleared waivers. It's not much of a plan as plans go -- but certainly the Clippers can keep an eye on Ingles.

It seems that Ingles and his agent may have known that he could land somewhere when he accepted an unguaranteed deal to join the Clippers. It never made much sense to me that he would leave a great situation in the EuroLeague without a guaranteed contract, to try to make a loaded roster. But he is in the league. RSS
Livestream Video: Clippers vs. Oklahoma City
LA Daily News
It's time for Clippers to become NBA Finals contenders

For the Clippers, all that's left now is taking that next step.

That has always been the tricky part, right?

Pushing beyond the second round of the playoffs. Firmly establishing themselves as something more than just an entertaining regular-season team. A club that can hunker down in the playoffs and reach deep within to find the necessary answers to finally figure out the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs, their top two Western Conference rivals.

LA Daily News
Clippers ready to open season against OKC, which will be minus reigning league MVP Kevin Durant

Oklahoma City will be without reigning league MVP Kevin Durant (foot) as well as guard Reggie Jackson (ankle) when it visits Staples Center to take on the Clippers in the Clippers' season-opener tonightat Staples Center.

That doesn't mean the Clippers believe they will have a cakewalk.

"They're still good," Clippers second-year coach Doc Rivers said.

LA Daily News
With darkest hour in the rear view mirror, Clippers's forecast for 2014-15 appears bright

Out with the old -- Donald Sterling. In with the new -- Steve Ballmer.

The Clippers begin their 2014-15 season Thursday night when they square off with the Oklahoma City Thunder at Staples Center. The same OKC team that roared from behind in a Game 5 Clippers choke job in the Western Conference semifinals, the Clippers losing the series in Game 6.

LATimes Clipper News
DeAndre Jordan says Clippers want to be like Spurs
Clippers Coach Doc Rivers isn't one to mince words. Throughout the preseason, he's repeatedly said that the San Antonio Spurs, the reigning NBA champions, are the best team in the league.
LATimes Clipper News
Clippers' Doc Rivers passes on summer break, works into the season
At every coaching clinic he attends, Doc Rivers preaches Xs, O's and whoa. The Clippers coach advises his peers to take a break whenever they can to decompress amid their highly stressful lives. RSS
Rivers, Clippers Aim To Fix One Main Issue After The Preseason