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LATimes Clipper News
Clippers to recall guards Tyrone Wallace, C.J. Williams next week

The Clippers are recalling guards Tyrone Wallace and C.J. Williams from their NBA development league team to join them when they return to Los Angeles to face the Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday night at Staples Center, according to league officials who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

LATimes Clipper News
Pacers surge past Clippers for 109-104 victory

Bojan Bogdanovic scored 28 points and the Indiana Pacers used a late 9-0 run to hold on for a 109-104 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night, putting them on the precipice of clinching a playoff spot.

The Pacers won for only the second time in five games but can clinch a playoff...

Clips Nation
Clippers Fall to Pacers 109-104, A Severe Blow to Playoff Hopes

It was a bad night for the Clippers, as their loss combined with several Western Conference competitors’ wins pushes them almost out of reasonable reach for a playoff spot.

Game Summary:

The game started well, with the Clippers moving the ball on offense and putting forth effort on defense. They jumped out to a quick seven point lead, looking just as comfortable as they did against the Bucks on Wednesday. The lead was short lived, as the Pacers swiftly countered with a run of their own, powered by Bojan Bogdanovic. The contest was close heading into the second as the reserves checked in, and the seesaw battle continued throughout the period. Neither team was able to gain a sizable advantage, mostly due to a lack of defense played.

The third quarter started off with a massive Pacers run, as they forced the Clippers’ into stagnant offense and bad shots. The Pacers, on the other hand, began to cook, as Oladipo scored eight points after missing all his shots in the first half. Doc Rivers called a timeout, saw what the Clippers were running on offense, and immediately called another one just to scream at his team. The Clippers were behind 18 when Sindarius Thornwell and Lou Williams checked into the game, and they immediately turned things around. Thornwell grabbed several contested rebounds, while Lou Williams made plays for others and pushed the pace. Together they brought the Clippers back to within six going into the final quarter. The start of the 4th was immensely promising, as the Lou-Montrezl Harrell combination worked the magic they have all season, pouring in bucket after bucket on the pick and roll. The Clippers at one point led by two, but no more than that, and the Pacers refused to go away. The Clippers had the lead at 102-100 after a beastly Harrell offensive rebound and putback. After that, they let the Pacers score on the next four possessions while turning the ball over on all three of their own, and thus the game was lost. The Clippers made unforced errors, as they have so frequently in recent weeks, and it cost them.

  • Turnovers: At this point, the Clippers’ recent spate of turnovers seems more like a negative feature of the roster instead of a short-term issue due to fatigue. The Clippers just can’t stopping giving the ball away, and far too many of the turnovers are completely unforced by their opponents. Milos Teodosic and Lou Williams are both turnover-prone ball-handlers, and DeAndre’s increased playmaking duties this season has led to his turnovers soaring as well. The real issue is that the Clippers lack a true “go-to” point guard: Lou and Austin are both combo guards, and Milos’ inability to create shots on a consistent basis for others limits his vision and passing abilities. Really, the closest thing to an overall point guard who can play at both ends that the Clippers have is Jawun Evans, but his lack of shooting and propensity towards fouling means he can’t play big minutes (yet). Pat Beverley would have been a godsend the past few weeks, not just on defense, but on the offensive end as well.
  • Offensive Rebounds: Giving up offensive boards is another issue that has plagued the Clippers for months now, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Certainly, it cost them heavily tonight, as the Pacers brought in an incredible 14 offensive rebounds to the Clippers’ 6. Again, this problem seems to be inherent to the roster and rotation that Doc Rivers has at his disposal right now. Lou, Milos, and Austin are all below-average rebounders for guards. Sam Dekker and Wes Johnson (he gave up several bad ones tonight to Thad Young) are average at best for wings, and Harrell’s lack of size hurts him on the defensive glass. Really, the rebounding all falls on DeAndre Jordan, and while he’s been magnificent on the glass most of the season, he can’t do everything. Tobias Harris has mostly been quite good on the defensive glass as well, but tonight he came up short, grabbing only three in 39 minutes. Patrick Beverley is a phenomenal rebounder for a guard—just another way he could have helped out the Clippers.
  • Lou Back: Lou Williams’ shot looked off for several weeks, as his three-point percentages plummeted, and even his usually rock-steady free throw shooting took a hit. Lou has now hit multiple three-pointers in three of his last four games, however, and in that time is 20-20 from the free throw line. That surge also corresponded to his return to the bench—he will probably finish the season coming off the pine. He was also passing and playmaking tonight better than he has in weeks, dishing out 10 assists and controlling the game offensively for the Clippers when they made their run in the 2nd half. He did have a very costly turnover (one of those three at the end of the game), yet that wasn’t enough to offset what was a magnificent performance.
  • Reinforcements: The Agua Caliente Clippers’ season ends tomorrow, which will make both Tyrone Wallace and CJ Williams eligible to be called up by the Clippers once more. Wallace in particular seems like a surety to return to the roster for the rest of the regular season, and not a moment too soon. Wes Johnson was dreadful tonight, Sam Dekker was up and down as always, and Sindarius played well but was limited by his fouling ways. Tyrone would probably receive most of the minutes from those guys and would certainly be an upgrade on all of them. In addition, Danilo Gallinari is expected to return soon.
  • Too Late: Unfortunately, however, the cavalry might be arriving too late. The Clippers’ loss tonight combined with a Denver win, a Minnesota win, and one of a Utah/San Antonio win (they are playing each other) is a miserable night for the Clippers’ playoff hopes. They are now a game and a half behind the Nuggets for the 9th seed, and are three losses back of the 8th seeded Wolves and Jazz (though they might only be two behind Utah if they lose tonight). With 10 games left on the schedule, and only one of them an almost certain win (against Phoenix), the Clippers’ playoff hopes finally appear to be dashed. They aren’t going to give up, but it would take a lot of luck for them to sneak in after tonight.
Clips Nation
Game Thread: Clippers at Pacers

The Clippers take on the playoff bound Pacers for the first time this season.

Here are the projected starting lineups for the two teams:

Clippers: Milos Teodosic, Austin Rivers, Tobias Harris, Wes Johnson, DeAndre Jordan

Pacers: Darren Collison, Victor Oladipo, Bojan Bogdanovic, Thaddeus Young, Myles Turner

Comment on the game below!

Los Angeles Clippers: Is Doc Rivers the right coach for a rebuild?

As the Los Angeles Clippers head toward a rebuild, it may be time to part ways with Doc Rivers, who was brought in for a vastly different purpose. When the Los Angeles Clippers acquired head coach Doc Rivers from the Boston Celtics in the summer of 2013, they were in a much different spot than […]

Los Angeles Clippers: Is Doc Rivers the right coach for a rebuild? - Hoops Habit - Hoops Habit - NBA News, Rumors, Analysis, Opinion and Stats

Clips Nation
Locked on Clippers, 3/23/2018: Previewing Clippers-Pacers with Tony East

A special crossover podcast.

Sorry that I haven’t been very good about posting the new podcasts on Clips Nation lately. The good news is that if you only listen to them here, there’s a nice collection of podcasts now built up for you to listen to since the last time I shared one.

I’d encourage you to subscribe to Locked on Clippers, which is available pretty much anywhere where you listen to podcasts—including on Spotify!

In today’s episode, I broke down tonight’s Clippers-Pacers game with Tony East, host of the Locked on Pacers podcast and editor of We discussed each team’s season, some key aspects of tonight’s match-up, and various topics from around the NBA.

Enjoy! (If the player below doesn’t work, try this link.)

Clips Nation
Preview: Clippers Face Pacers for First Time This Season in Indiana

Can the Clippers start another win streak in Indiana against a tough Pacers team? They will need to if they want to make the playoffs.

Game Information:

Where: Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana

When: 4:00 PM Pacific Time

How to Watch: Fox Sports Prime Ticket, AM 570 Radio

Projected Starting Lineups:

Clippers: Milos Teodosic, Austin Rivers, Tobias Harris, Wes Johnson, DeAndre Jordan

Pacers: Darren Collison, Victor Oladipo, Bojan Bogdanovic, Thaddeus Young, Myles Turner


Clippers: Danilo Gallinari Out (Fractured Hand), Avery Bradley Out (Abdominal Surgery), Patrick Beverley Out (Knee Surgery)

Pacers: Domantas Sabonis Out (Ankle)

The Big Picture:

The Clippers are in 10th place in the Western Conference, still two losses back of the current 7th and 8th seeds. With 11 games left on the schedule, the Clippers probably need to go at least 8-3 to make the playoffs barring a tremendous collapse from one or more of the teams above them, a situation that is more unlikely by the day. The Clippers played well in Milwaukee on Wednesday, demonstrating a focus and level of play that hadn’t been seen for weeks prior-- they will need to keep that up for the rest of the season if they are to make the playoffs. Unfortunately, their schedule remains as tough as ever, and most of the teams they will face are fighting for their postseason berths as well. The Clippers are by no means out of the playoffs, but at this point it would be surprising if they made it.

The Antagonist:

The Pacers have had perhaps the best story of any NBA team this season. Widely predicted to be a middling lottery team, topping out at a win total in the 30s, the Pacers are one win away from clinching a playoff spot. They have done so behind the All-Star play of Victor Oladipo, who has made the Paul George trade look very respectable indeed. Oladipo’s outside shooting has fallen off over the course of the season, yet his other improvements (rebounding, defense, free throw attempts) have held, and he has an outside shot at the All-NBA Third Team. Oladipo is not alone, however. He’s been supported all season by a strong cadre of veterans: Thad Young, Darren Collison, Lance Stephenson, and Cory Joseph. None of them are close to stars, but they don’t need to be. Their brand of basketball has proven effective—keeping games close to the 4th quarter, and then letting Oladipo take over, filling in as shooters and defensive players around him. Myles Turner has had an up-and-down season; the big man struggled to adapt to the new Oladipo-centric universe at the start of the year. Recently he’s been in beast mode, showing off why some people consider him to be one of the future stars of the NBA. The Pacers are dangerous but not contenders, a solid playoff team that has a chance against any team on any given night. That’s a far cry from what they were projected as last summer, and coach Nate McMillan deserves a ton of credit for their success.

  • Battle of Backup Big Men: With Sabonis out, Al Jefferson has returned like a phoenix from the ashes to reclaim his spot as the Pacers’ backup center. Even in his prime Big Al was a slow, plodding center. Now he’s akin to a turtle who’s been smoking too much weed recently, playing at an almost lethargic pace. This makes him a vulnerable target on defense, where quicker players can work their way to the basket easily. Montrezl Harrell counts as quick and explosive, and he should have a field day working against Al. On the other end, however, Jefferson’s post moves remain deadly, and his size gives him an advantage over Montrezl. While the Clippers will probably live with post-ups from Al, if he gets on too much a roll they might have to send help for Trez in the post.
  • Wes Johnson Starting: Doc Rivers made a change to the starting lineup against the Bucks, re-inserting Wes into the starting lineup in favor of Sindarius Thornwell. The switch could have been because of the difficulties in matching up with Giannis Antetokounmpo, and therefore a one game move, but it’s possible it will last as well. As bad as Wes is on offense much of the time, he’s still more of a threat to shoot from deep than Thornwell and is correspondingly covered closer on the perimeter. He’s not nearly as strong a man to man defender as Sin though, which could be a factor today against the smaller Oladipo. It will be interesting to see who Doc rolls with in this one, as each player brings their own advantages and disadvantages to the starting lineup.
  • Guarding Oladipo: The Clippers’ biggest concern in this matchup will be containing Victor Oladipo. Austin Rivers will probably get the first shot on him, but Doc Rivers won’t want to tire out one of his strongest offensive players on an exhausting defensive matchup. Sindarius should be a good option too, as he doesn’t give up much size, and has the strength to hold strong against Oladipo’s drives. It’s possible Jawun Evans gets some minutes on Oladipo as well in short stints to pester him the length of the court, as he has done so effectively to opponents all season. It will be a team effort, however, and DeAndre Jordan will certainly be tested a lot around the rim. Hopefully the Clippers step up to the challenge.

For the Pacers’ perspective, check out Indy Cornrows. RSS
Gameday Report: Clippers visit Indiana, look to win second straight
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